Life | Five Things in April

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I F   M A R C H   W A S   B I T T E R S W E E T ,

Then April was honey. Sweet and full, rich in goodness so many enjoy. 

I entered April bittersweet, with salty tears and malignant optimism. And I will end April more receptive and observant. As April was busy, without a bare moment to rest. And while I complained about January's busy schedule, I needed April to be busy after a sorrowful March.

So here are my Five Things in April...

0 1 .   C O V E R E D   B Y   A N N I S A ' S   G R A N D   O P E N I N G 

Last February, I modelled for Covered by Annisa in BIFASH magazine. And for their grand opening this month, they asked me to come as a Guest.

Excited and nervous, I begged my friends to come along. My 'squad,' we say sarcastically. We joined the boutique on the first day of their Grand Opening. The enclosed space filled with girls, eager to spend on bright dresses. It was so sweet they invited me, and I had a wonderful time.

0 2 .   R A I   R A N I E ' S   L A U N C H   A T   M E L U R   B O U T I Q U E

I was so lucky to have been invited to Rai Ranie's Casual Wear Launch at Melur Boutique.

Rai Ranie's latest collections features details I noticed have become popular this year. Bell sleeves and detailed patterns. So many beautiful pieces, and so many beautiful girls. Style icons in one room, discussing latest fashion trends whilst I took a bite off my third brownie. Is there a way I could feel both at home and out of place?

0 3 .   S I X T H   F O R M   G R A D U A T E 

If you read my last OOTD post, you might have known that I graduated Sixth Form with honours.

I gave teachers warm hugs and parents firm handshakes when they announced the awards. I achieved 400 tariff pointsHighest in English Literature and History A Level respectively in my school. Easily my favourite subjects, that portrayed all the things I loved. Reading, writing, and intuitive thinking.

0 4 .   G A M E   O F   T H R O N E S ,   G A M E   O F   T H R O N E S !

I love Game of Thrones. Hence why I named my cats Jon Snow and Ygritte.

As an avid reader of A Song of Ice And Fire, the sixth season of Game of Thrones excited me. The first season in which I knew nothing. Like Jon Snow. My friends and I gathered around, gnawing our chicken wings as we started at the television screen. I know nothing, but I want to know everything.

0 5 .   Q & A ?   F A Q ?  

So I just hit 5300 followers on Instagram (Yay!) and 600 followers on bloglovin' (Yay-er!).

Usually I would celebrate with gratitude, and feature pieces of myself such as Facts About Me and Five Beauty Confessions. Perhaps this time, I would do something a little different. And ask you if you'd like a Q&A? I've been putting it off though, considering a Q&A seems so narcissistic to me. Would you like one?

That was my April.

Surrounded by people, working and achieving. It has left me happy to be where I am now, even if it was unexpected. And though I don't think April was the greatest month, it was still a good month.

How was your April?