W E L L . . . T H I S   I S   E M B A R R A S S I N G .

I am a makeup artist. Certified twice and course-trained by sixteen. My room filled to the brim with shadows and palettes and colours galore. I am proud of my hobby that has become a freelance job. Working with wonderful girls and making them feel beautiful.

What better way to highlight my skills than doing it blindfolded?

With the resurgence of Brunei Bloggers spawning across the nation, the idea of a collaboration intrigued me. As we live in the digital age when everyone knows everyone, irrelevant whether they met in real life. Though always too quiet to ask.

I didn't have to ask with Nadiah. Being old childhood friends during the historic age without internet, blogs and young adulthood.

She contacted me the other day with the musings of a collab, and I happily agreed. With little to no idea what to film, we settled with the most fun premise we could think of within the hour. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge.

Embarrassment ensues.

Thanks so much for Nadiah for being a willing participant. She looks just as beautiful before the shoot as she did afterwards.

Nadiah Ray, blogger of Splash On Life, is an absolute joy who was more than ready for me to do her makeup. To the best of my abilities blindfolded. Wait up for another upcoming collab on her Youtube Channel soon!

Would you do your friend's makeup blindfolded?