M A R C H   W A S   N O T   A   B A D   M O N T H

Though I am unsure whether to call it good either. 

Bittersweet is appropriate. Though lacks the emotional depth needed to relay March's blissful sorrow. I sit here in a cafe, trying to find words to describe March. March in all its melancholy. I could not describe March in just five moments.

But I tried. 

0 1 . S C H E D U L E   C O N F L I C T

Admittedly, I have fallen into a slump.

It's not that I dislike blogging. Blogging is fun, it's just exhausting. And at times, overwhelming. I took long breaks in February and March to take preventive steps. On Hey Bash, I'll start posting Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Monday and Wednesday being regular blog posts, and Friday being an accompanying post for a video.

0 2 . K U A L A   L U M P U R ,   M A L A Y S I A

Surprise! I went to Malaysia this month. Without mentioning the trip anywhere except on Instagram.

Visiting KL is not as exciting as it once was. We spent a short weekend there, five days in our family apartment, buying fabrics galore for Eid. It was a spontaneous trip. By spontaneous, I mean 'stowed away in the luggage and forced my parents to bring me along.' 

0 3 . # U N F A I R   &   L O V E L Y

It puts a damper in my heart, when I look at my blog at times. Though I am proud, I can't help but to feel disappointed. At myself more so. Neglecting what I enjoy, and forcing fashion down throats when, in truth, I don't enjoy it.

What I enjoy is writing discussions. Which I feel my Unfair and Lovely post succeeded in doing. I sat on my living room floor, typing away about colorism in cultures. I've never felt more excited posting until then. Perhaps it's how touching the topic is.

0 4 .  L O V E   Y O U ,    S A I M A

A day after I returned back from Malaysia, I found out my friend was leaving.

My beautiful friend, Saima, left for India a few days after I came back. Early in the morning, my friends and I drove to the airport to say goodbye. We hugged each other tight, refusing to let go. And like every millennial, taking photos to commemorate our friendship.

We love you, Saima. Stay wonderful.

0 5 .  M A R C H   L O O K B O O K   W I T H   N A D I A H   R A Y

If you have watched our Blindfolded Makeup Challenge, then you will know Nadiah of Splash on Life.

We filmed a March Lookbook together. Both Part One and Part Two is up on her channel. It was absolutely wonderful to film a lookbook with her. Though it made me recall a time when my friends laughed at the thought of me in a lookbook. Well, who's laughing now?

My friends, still my friends.

S U B S C R I B E   T O   N A D I A H   R A Y

March changed things.

Unsure whether for better or worse, but still aware of the change's arrival. I cannot describe March fully. Not in her demons sent from above. Instead I leave March with a numbness and wondering what April has in store.

After all, Hey Bash is turning two. 

How was your March?