Brunei Islamic Fashion Week + Haul

Friday, 4 March 2016

Brunei Islamic Fashion Week ladies and men
I S L A M I C   F A S H I O N   I S   I N .

If my hijab-wearing photos don't tell you, I'm a Muslim. Shocking. And if you have read this blog for sometime, you might notice that I have evolved into somewhat of a fashion being. Shocking times two.

No longer am I wearing converse with graphics tees and Converse. Somehow, through this blog, I started wearing white shawls and heels. A dramatic transformation produced by the growing awareness of fashion industry.

The fashion industry in Brunei gained a resurgence. Particularly in the last year when people have become more style-conscious. Fashion will never go out of style. This trend required a unity.

Hence, Brunei Islamic Fashion Week (BIFASH) happened.

Hey Bash with Syafina Official three hijab fashion style bloggersModressty Bag
Modressty in Rhea Grid Tunic in White and Raisyaa Denim
Cahaya Butik Immi Woman Long Cardigan and Syafina Coat

Though in its toddler stages, and years away from the elder London Fashion Week, BIFASH established itself as a business to behold. It catered to everyone's fascination with style all across South East Asia. Naturally curious (and because I modeled for their lookbook), I visited the fair twice that week. Once with family, once alone and catching unexpected friends.

On the first night, while the rest of my family gallivanted to the Consumer Fair, my sister and I scurried along to BIFASH. Its booths huddled with crowds, the sharp scent of Frankinscense filling the air.

We made our way to Modressty's booth, a Malaysian brand attracted by its geometric and simple designs. We bought their Rhea Grid Tunic in White due to my love of black, white and stripes, and their Raisyaa Denim for my sister's obsession with denim.

I mentioned in my last Kinds of Cool post, that I modeled for Cahaya Butik. Because of that, I managed to get their Black and White Striped Long Cardigan for a discount. I also bought Syafina's Long Black Coat. The perfect balance of masculine-faminine wear that I still yearned for.

Hey Bash features Galore Ra and Lyy's Closet Booth
Hey Bash features Galore Ra and Lyy's Closet Booth Bash Harry in Hey Bash features Galore Ra Jacket and Lyy's Closet Haya ShawlIrza Harif ShawlsIrza Harif Grey Shawl from Bash Harry Hey Bash

That was the first day I spent at BIFASH. The second day I visited, I spent alone. Parents refusing and sister too lazy. I relented and went alone. There is nothing more sad than explaining to vendors that no one wanted to come with you.

Thankfully returning to a happy state when you speak to said-vendors. The girls at Galore Ra - Lyy's Closet communal booth were so sweet. Chatting and taking selfies in front of the small space. I am so grateful for receiving Galore Ra's Jacket* and Lyy's Closet's Haya Shawl in Nude Brown*. The stores recently ventured into creating their own designs. They focus on versatility and amenity whilst providing the Malay touch.

This Grey Shawl from Irza Harif was an impulse buy. I adore shades of grey except for the actual Fifty Shades of Grey. So when I saw this matte grey shawl in their sale bin, I complied.

Mumtaz Collections Booth from BIFASHTwo Hijjabis from BIFASH eventMumtaz Collections
Sarah Mumtaz from Mumtaz Collections and Hani from CoveredbyAnNisaCovered by AnNisa BoothCovered by AnNisa clothes
Covered by AnNisa clothes

I met Sarah Mumtaz of Mumtaz Collections during my stroll around the booths. Their booth stood tall in front of the entrance. I heard many things about their shawls yet never managed to wear one until now. Their Snow White Shawl alleviated my need for a pure white shawl, with their Salmon Shawl* given as a wonderful bonus.

I continued walking around the booths. Several catching my eye before I found Hani from Covered by AnNisa. We met prior to the event, modelling for their Amra and Noorul Hijab in the BIFASH lookbook.

Sweet as can be and cuter than cherry pie, their pieces are the pinnacle of Muslimah style with long tops and wide pants. Yet I love their shawls the most. The Noorul Hijab* is gorgeous and practical, with a zipper for nursing mothers. I use it to fiddle my fingers when I'm bored.

Bash Harry from Hey Bash, Mia Suria and Nora Danish from Owl by NDBash Harry from Hey Bash, Nora Danish from Owl by ND
Bash Harry from Hey Bash, Nora Danish from Owl by ND
Also, I met Nora Danish. Which was as surreal as it looked.

Mia, founder of BIFASH, introduced me to the enchanting entrepreneur. Her cool eyes and Mona Lisa smile stunned me. More than just a pretty face like everyone would assume. She launched her own fashion line, Owl by Nora Danish just last year. She arrived that day to promote the collection in Brunei and I was lucky to have met her.

Never have I ever felt more insecure in my life until she stood in front of me. She's so beautiful, my heart bleeds her red lipstick.

Mother, Mia Suria and Bash Harry from Hey Bash at BIFASH event

I am unsure how to feel.

When I see the fashion movement in this tiny country growing, and feeling like I am almost a part of it. It is unlike any other sensation. Brunei is still figuring out its style, whether like the minimalist French or the Laid-Back American. I will enjoy watching it grow from afar.

Thanks so much to Mia Suria and Brunei Islamic Fashion for making me feel like a part of this.

So what's your country's style?

*Products Received for PR


  1. I love that this event exists, it's so important that all cultures and religions are represented in fashion! You looked lovely and I'm glad you had fun xx

  2. Looking beautiful ladies, must be so awesome.

  3. This sounds like so much fun! There's so much colourful fabric! I'm glad that this is expanding and we're not just stuck with the typical Paris/London/New York fashion week which seems to be rather one sided and only highlight 'white' culture for the most part.
    Sometimes being on your own to explore can be a good thing :)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  4. I didn't know anything about this event! But it looks lovely and I'd to attend one day. Where I live we have a fashion week and it's so cool that there's one in a lot of different cities! Everybody looked beautiful in the pictures and I love the clothes :)

  5. Great photos! It looks like you had an amazing time.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  6. Sounds like so much fun, love the picture and I'm so glad the industry is growing.

  7. My countries style? To be honest, I am not quite sure. Germany is quite diverse when it comes to style, ranging from the more grungy-urban Berlin to the very posh and polished Munich, and I am not that into fashion, so I guess I cant really tell.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  8. All the different colours! Gorgeous. And that grid tunic is a gorgeous piece. Gosh...the style in my country? Kind of a bit of everything to be truthful. Chucking things together and working it in some shape or form! Although I need to maybe start doing that...

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  9. Love seeing muslim women shift from the traditional look to being more fashionable modest ❤

  10. Lovely pictures. It's nice to know this exists. You look lovely as always Bash.
    The Me Time Tag

  11. Amazing photos! It looks like such a good time :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

  12. It looks like you experienced something so special! So many amazing opportunities, too. It's hard to pinpoint my country's style, Canada is too big. I guess it depends on whether you're on the east or west, in a city or in a rural area. The best I can tell you is that probably everyone will wear a plaid flannel button-up at some point in their life ;)


  13. it was a great opportunity
    you look very happy
    new post

  14. This looked like a really fun event Bash! Also, how do you manage to stay so put together all the time?

  15. This looks like such a great event! You look gorgeous, Bash. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  16. Wow this event sounds absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing these photos with us so that we could feel as if we were there too! Hope you had an incredible time!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  17. This is lovely. I wish we had this kind of thing in the Philippines. InshaAllah though, we will have one.
    Love, Fads

  18. You look so so beautiful in at the fashion week ! It's great you got the chance to go with family and then have a day to look round on your own and really take everything in :) I love the Rhea Grid Tunic <3

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  19. You're so beautiful, great pictures Bash! <3


  20. It's so lovely to read about another type of fashion industry and all the pieces look absolutely amazing! I really like the long denim dress and wouldn't mind purchasing something like it!!

    Pop over to my blog!


  21. Muslim's fashion is growing and never go out of style this days. It's such a trend too in Indonesia to run a chic Muslim clothing line which is affordable one.

    x Dayu | PR.JA

  22. Hey, add your looks to our fashion community

  23. This is so interesting and thank you so much for sharing this. It's always great to catch a glimpse into another culture and their fashion.


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  24. I absolutely love what you're wearing *_* You look super stunning! Also the clothes look super comfy and pretty <3

    Let me know if you follow my blog and I'll follow right back <3

  25. Such an interesting post, I loved looking at all of the photos you shared with us. Where I live, the fashion is very...I won't say boring, but there are definitely certain pieces and looks that people tend to gravitate toward.

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