H E L L O   T O K Y O

Part 2 of this Travel With Me: Japan Edition.

I spent my December in Japan, spending the first half in Yokohama and the second half in Tokyo. Tokyo is distinct, unlike any city I've visited. A melting pot of both tech and culture. Japanese characters up on billboards, bold and cute to behold.

So why not film it?

D A Y   F O U R

We arrived in Tokyo from Yokohama through the Tokyo Station. After checking in to our hotel, we left to the Gundam Cafe, Akihabara. It was a quiet day of walking. First, in Jinbocho to find the Warhammer Store. Walking in circles around the alley for two hours before finding it in the town ten minutes away.

Time wasted when you could have arrived in Shibuya earlier than eight. So we just spent a short time in Shibuya, enjoying the lights and busy streets before heading home.

D A Y   F I V E 

One word. Disneyland. 

This was my first time in Disneyland. Excitement boiling in my blood that the cold couldn't stop me. As a celebration, I disneybounded as Snow White. When you dress with elements of the character, rather than the actual character. My sister was the Cheschire Cat, my brother Baloo and my baby sister did not care. So much for Disney magic.

D A Y   S I X

Compared to last few days, the sixth day was calm. Still full of excitement and wonder, but calm. Which was all we asked for in crowded Tokyo, where everyone walks with reason. It was a relief. We visited Shinjuku then Harajuku, making quick stops to fill our tourist checklist. Walking Tokyo's fashion destination intrigued me, as both luxury and street melted together under one street.

D A Y   S E V E N

Our last day in Japan, we decided to spend it quiet. Taking a quick trip to visit Driver City, Odaiba. We traveled by train to the man-made island, its futuristic design home to the Gundam Statue. It was also the most vacant. Barely anyone was there to see our faces gawking at the 60 foot giant in front of the shopping mall.

And there is my Part 2!

I'm more proud of this video than any other. Editing in different software on a different laptop seemed to improve quality. Hence why I'll start editing this way for now.

Tokyo is busy, rambunctious and tiring. It forces you to bask in its beauty and you will enjoy it. I'm thankful to be able to visit Japan, and experience Disney magic most of all. I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two in Disneyland. It's my favourite place in the world.

What's your favourite destination?