A M   I   C O O L   ?

Despite my depressing disposition on life saying otherwise, I like to think I am. I have my own kind of cool that I assure myself no one else has. My identity is unique like everyone else. So in a way, I'm cool. Cooler than anyone else while synchronously being the un-coolest one.

I've come to accept that. I won't be like everyone else nor will everyone else be like me.

So why don't I feel so cool?

Meg from A Little Twist Of... wrote a blog post detailing how comparing coolness can be damaging. At least, that's what I took from her post. Everyone compares one another, it is innate human instinct. Even I discussed how problematic comparison can be. However, being aware of these obstacles does not wondrously swat them away.

To acknowledge is one thing. To actively pursue is another.

Accepting your abilities and flaws, and acknowledging someone else's is terrifying but necessary. It is an accomplishment to realise. I will never be as pretty as her, but I've got makeup skills. I will never be as tall as her, but I know how to strut. I will never be as smart as her, but I can always learn.

She will never be as cool as me, because she's her own kind of cool. 

I don't think I have ever showed so much of my teeth in one post until now.

So I made a video about the different kinds of cool. A relatively short video, just under two minutes long. Hence the title, Short Stuff

It's something that I've have been mulling over and decided to post finally. It is a a monthly series in which I film my day and discuss topics that affected me in the month. 

That particular day, I was modelling for Cahaya Butik's new shawls. These were the photos taken. Most of my time that twilight was removing and applying shawls, with the help of my mother and sister. Thank you, glorified personal assistants. 

So what kind of cool are you?