Life | Five Things in February 02

Friday, 26 February 2016

Hey Bash
M Y   P R E D I C T I O N S   W E R E   C O R R E C T

February was exhausting. 

Even more so than January. With universities, and work and events piling up, I rarely had time to blog unfortunately. It's only now, at the end of February do I have the time to sit and write.

So here are some highlights from my February.

UkuleleSeeds Brunei Appreciation Night dressing up as Sally

0 1 .  N E W   U K U L E L E

Despite learning how to play the ukulele years ago, I never had my own until now.

A fine beauty. Small and compact, with chords written on its side. My fingers enjoy strumming it plastic strings, practicing so often. I've learned to play a few songs, though I doubt I'll play for anyone. Still, I have a wonderful teacher to help me along.

0 2 .    # M O D E L L I F E

I've discussed my doubts of modeling a few months ago. Detailing how unprofessional I felt in front of a camera among actual models. Despite my insecurities, this does not stop me from getting actual work.

For Brunei Islamic Fashion Week, I worked with several Muslimah stores this month. Mounds of makeup slapped across my face and shawls blowing in the wind. I've become use to the ghastly stares of the public.  It's not terrifying anymore. Embarrassing, but not terrifying.

0 3 .    T H E   U N I V E R S I T Y    U N I V E R S E

It might just be my own delirious thoughts. But I believe after 'A' Levels is much more stressful than during 'A' Levels.

I took two weeks off blogging this month because university hunting is time-consuming. Most days spent perfecting my personal statement, or writing to universities. A small portion of my soul wishes I was still studying 'A' Levels. It's not as demanding as my parents.

0 4 .   D E A D P O O L 

Deadpool isn't showing in Brunei. Insert sad face emoticon here. But I did manage to watch it. Insert happy face emoticon here.

My parents and I went on a short road trip to Miri, Malaysia to run some errands and watch Deadpool. Though parts were cut, all the nudity, I still enjoyed it immensely. Deadpool was hilarious but Megasonic Teenage Warhead stole the show. Because of her, I want to shave my hair off, much to my parents' chagrin.

0 5 .   S E E D S 7 '   A P P R E C I A T I O N   N I G H T

I mentioned that Seeds will be having its annual Appreciation Night this month. It was Cosplay Night thus I wanted my costume to stun. I dressed as Sally Finklestein with Jack Skellington as my accessory.

We won Best Group Costume, which disappointed me. The implication being he worked just as hard on his costume as I did for mine. It took him 30 minutes to create the bowtie. I spent two days sewing the yarn wig and stitching the dress from scratch. I might have to recreate the costume and do a full post on it. 

Brunei Hijjabi on a swing set

I just want to sleep through March to be honest.

Though I am grateful to have worked through February, I would like to relax this March. Let myself breathe for a day or two. It's important to have a day to switch off. I've been 'on' for most of February, and currently overheating.

How was your February?