E N O U G H   H A U L S ,   B A S H !
This is the last one, I promise. 

One of my goals this year is to read 52 books. I am not succeeding. January and February consumed my time with other activities. Also, none of my unfinished books looked interesting which prompted me to buy new books. Despite being broke. 

Why? Because I do not think things through.

So here are the books I picked up so far.

0 1 . G O T H   :   R E A L I T Y   O F   T H E   D E P A R T E D   W O R L D

GOTH: Reality of the Departed World sounds like something a young goth kid from 2008 would own. That is exactly what it is.

The book is a compilation of Yokohama Museum of Art's Goth exhibition. So it does have stunning art works of macabre and horror. Rather than looking at it from today's limited scope, this book explores the culture. From its early 16th century European roots to its prominence in Japan. 

0 2 . 森村泰昌    / /    Y A S U M A S A   M O R I M U R A

This book makes no sense to me. And that is amazing

I also picked up this art book in Yokohama Museum of Art. This is a second compilation of  Yasumasa Morimura's Standart. A self-portrait specific work that is as absurd as it is beautiful. He is the Japanese Andy Warhol with such innovative pieces all in this little pocket book.

0 3 . P . S   I   S T I L L   L O V E   Y O U 

A sequel to 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before,' which I picked up last year

Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han is an unnecessary sequel. I thought the first book was a flawed but enjoyable stand-alone, ending on a bittersweet note. That said, this book is not bad at all. Just unnecessary. And most definitely for young teenage girls looking for an easy read.

0 4 . # 8 8   L O V E   L I F E

If P.S I Still Love You is for young teenage girls, then this is for us, lonely cynics. 

A quick read since its mainly cute illustrations. #88 Love Life: 88 Thoughts on Love and Life by Diana Rikasari is uplifting and optimistic and full of bright energy. Something I desperately seek. You will find many of these quotes on Pinterest, but not artwork this wonderful. Pick it up if you're feeling down.

0 5 . E V E R Y   D A Y  

Every Day by David Levithan is my friend's favourite book, and I trust her judgement. But what captivates me is the story.

A 'soft' science-fiction romance about A, who wakes up in a different body everyday. It becomes complicated when A falls in love with Rhiannon. Because, as always, love brings complications. With it's intriguing plot, I wonder how it will carry over through pages.

0 6 . A   C O U R T   O F   T H O R N S   A N D   R O S E S   

There are some people who claim they do not judge book by covers. They are liars

I judge books. And I judged A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas for its tacky, neo-goth design. My face scrunched up like a Snapchat filter when my friend handed the book. She assured me it was good, a fantasy romance like a twisted Beauty and The Beast. With its' 4.30 on Goodreads, I am hopeful. But I cannot stand the cover.

I promise I will stop making these hauls. My wallet doesn't enjoy them either.

I'm at a reading slump now, so I hope these books will reinvigorate me. Perhaps I'll make a couple of book reviews. My last one was ages ago, and I miss it.

What books would you like reviewed?