Girl in Yokohama Cosmo World

Y O K O H A M A   I S . . .   
Cold. So bloody cold.

Last December, I was lucky enough to travel to Japan over the holidays. A foreign country, rich in its unique culture. We spent the first few days in Yokohama, Japan's second largest city. Surprising as it was quiet and almost desolate when we stayed there. 

We managed to film some of our travels. So here is my first Travel With Me

S U B S C R I B E   T O   M Y   C H A N N E L

D A Y   O N E

We spent Day One in Yokohama Museum of Art for the art lovers in the family, notably my sister and mother. While my sister sketched on parchment security gave her, I enjoyed the view of nude artwork. A discussion on the correlation of nudity, sexuality and religion. Shame I couldn't film or take photos. Else my mother would look at me disappointed. 

Thankfully, I did manage to film us at Miysis Cat Cafe. It's as cute as it sounds. Over 30 cats in one small room. We played with the critters while served orange juice. None wanted to leave but it closed at 8 o'clock. Go figure.

D A Y   T W O 

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise was our main destination, a gargantuan amusement park with rides and hotel. However, we only visited the aquarium and marina. Rollercoasters and cold weather aren't compatible. The aquarium was lovely though. Penguins, and otters, and dolphins squealed "Hello!" We said, "Hope they are treating you decently!"

The sea salt wind made it feel colder than it was. But the view at sunset was worth it. Against the calm sea by the bay. It is a view I rarely see and will forever miss. 

D A Y   T H R E E

Our last day in Yokohama was fun for my parents, not for their children. The 2015 Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show was the sole reason our parents dragged us to Japan. My father, obsessed with motorcycles and cars, stayed in the crowded bazaar for hours. His kids gave up after 47 minutes, and headed to the nearest Starbucks.

Spending three days in Japan's fishing village was calm, compared to techno Tokyo where we spent the remaining days. To an extent, Yokohama is like Brunei. Quiet, calm, and filled with old people.

Girl looking at a painting in Yokohama Museum of Art
Cat in Miysis Yokohama Cat CafePhoto captured in Yokohama Sea Paradise

This Travel With Me was more likely inspired by Vlogbrothers' Thoughts From Places series. Those are my favourite travel diaries. Hence why, I made this into a voice over. Not because I forgot to talk to the camera at every single frame. Which I did.

I apologize for the shoddy microphone work. Now, I know recording with two different microphones is a no-no. The mistake will be corrected in the upcoming videos, like the second half of this Travel With Me. 

Whereas Yokohama was the calm, mature old man, Tokyo was the loud, rambunctious child.

Where have you traveled to lately?