I   M A D E   A   Y O U T U B E   C H A N N E L

I feel like I should be more excited. Instead I am nervous,  anxious and hungry. An empty stomach cannot eat when bones are rattling and blood pumping with energy. Though, why I am remains the question.

After all, this is not my first YouTube video.

This was my first YouTube video. 

 I was fourteen. It was the first play I ever wrote, directed and performed in. I was very awkward. It was very embarrassing. And most definitely inspired by a mostly true story. Almost autobiographical. Thanks Dad for your insults for the input.

But I guess that doesn't count since I didn't film nor uploaded the video. That was for a drama society's comedy show. This is a voluntary video uploaded for millions to see, to embarrass myself. Surely, I will look back at this video and 'Oh gawd, no. Set in on fire.'

Can you see my general anxiety through my stiff body posture and fear in my eyes. Though it's not my first time on camera, it is my first video. Once I get use to this, I'll be sure to relax as much as I can. I hope.

This is a celebration for hitting 500 followers on bloglovin'! Which is an achievement in itself. Though, now that the video is uploaded, perhaps a Q&A would have been less embarrassing.

All that aside, I'm genuinely excited to film and edit some videos for 2016. I intend to schedule my videos once a week. Though what videos they will be, we will just have to find out. I am drawing a blank so I would love some ideas if you have any!

So what tutorials do you think I should do?