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I   D O N ' T   H A V E   A   P L A N   F O R   2 0 1 6

Which is surprising for a neurotic, by-the-book, perfectionist like myself. So when I sat down today, scrolling through blogs’ endless New Years’ resolution, I thought about mine. And realized I had none. 

Not because 2015 was a perfect year (it wasn’t at all) but because I hadn’t thought about it. 2016 felt like it was just another day, not another year. That doesn't mean I don’t have goals for the new year. I tell myself as I scribbled down my general goals. After all, ‘New Year, New Me’ right?

Here are 2016 New Years’ Resolutions! Well, more like goals.

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My friend sat beside me one late night. Both too tired to think but still awake to wonder. He asked me if I was happy. I counted three beats before saying yes. He seemed disappointed with the answer. I was never a good liar. With a smile, I jokingly asked, ‘Why wouldn’t I be?’ 

I was a happy girl. Not am, was. 2015 changed that. Before, there was a constant stream of happiness. Now, there are barely droplets. I want to change that. I want to be happy again. I don't want to lie to friends anymore. 

02 . READ 52 BOOKS

I read a lot of books. Then I stopped. Then I read again. Then I stopped again. It's a vicious cycle that I tried to break last year. To an extent, I both succeeded and failed. Reading only 21 out of 52, Which is still impressive. Not as impressive as previous 'reading' years but impressive.

This year, I'll be joining the challenge again. Read 52 books in 52 weeks. Which I hope won't be a problem. At my last pace, I was able to read three books in a week. That isn't so impressive, since  I was able to finish seven in a week when I was thirteen.


This was my first goal of 2015. Which did not happen. I wanted to though, but as I said in my 2015 Resolutions, writer's block is my greatest enemy. No matter how many unfinished scripts, and doodles on notebooks I have. They never seem to bear fruit to anything cohesive.

This year I want to produce. I want to create something new. To be proud of something that I made. I do hope it begins with this. Luckily this time, I have people to stand with me.


Perhaps it's just me but I feel like I've been in a blogger's block for most 2015. Nothing about blogging inspires me anymore. It became a masochistic job I forced myself to endure. There were days I almost clicked 'delete' blog and forget about this endeavor. Blogging was suppose to be fun, not a constant reminder of bad things.

This has to change. I worked so hard on blogging. I can't quit now. I pray I'll focus again. I hope I do.


Today I looked through old notebooks of 2015. Half-empty, spattered with ink from my heart and scribbles from my vicious mind. Beautiful words I forgot I wrote. Emotional papers I'll never show anyone. Personal letters I keep to myself. I remember what it felt like to write without care. I miss it.

Writing for myself, and writing for a blog is different. I don't ever want to be too personal on my blog. I don't talk about feelings. Not in real life, not on Hey Bash. No. My emotions will stay with me. So let me write for me.

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I feel like I should add 'Get Fit & Healthy' in there. But I'm eating Nutella from a jar right now. So that's a fail.

I have blogging goals too. Redesigning the blog (which I did!), hosting a successful giveaway (which I did!) and getting involved (which I think I'm doing). Yes, Hey Bash has a new design thanks to Mango Blogs Shop and the giveaway ended! I'll be announcing the winners on Twitter tomorrow so go check that out!

Also, hitting 500 followers on bloglovin! That is an amazing blogging milestone, so thank you so much to every single reader. You make blogging worthwhile. I assure you, I will celebrate. Just you wait.

I don't have any expectations for 2016. I certainly hope it's better than 2015, which was an abysmal year. A number of things happened in 2015 that made it one of the worst periods of my life. Wow, Bash. So melodramatic. Take a chill pill.

What are your goals for 2016?