My Personal Goals for 2016

Friday, 8 January 2016

Bash Harry Brunei Blogger in Yokohama Japan

I   D O N ' T   H A V E   A   P L A N   F O R   2 0 1 6

Which is surprising for a neurotic, by-the-book, perfectionist like myself. So when I sat down today, scrolling through blogs’ endless New Years’ resolution, I thought about mine. And realized I had none. 

Not because 2015 was a perfect year (it wasn’t at all) but because I hadn’t thought about it. 2016 felt like it was just another day, not another year. That doesn't mean I don’t have goals for the new year. I tell myself as I scribbled down my general goals. After all, ‘New Year, New Me’ right?

Here are 2016 New Years’ Resolutions! Well, more like goals.

Brunei Girl drinking coffee in Yokohama


My friend sat beside me one late night. Both too tired to think but still awake to wonder. He asked me if I was happy. I counted three beats before saying yes. He seemed disappointed with the answer. I was never a good liar. With a smile, I jokingly asked, ‘Why wouldn’t I be?’ 

I was a happy girl. Not am, was. 2015 changed that. Before, there was a constant stream of happiness. Now, there are barely droplets. I want to change that. I want to be happy again. I don't want to lie to friends anymore. 

02 . READ 52 BOOKS

I read a lot of books. Then I stopped. Then I read again. Then I stopped again. It's a vicious cycle that I tried to break last year. To an extent, I both succeeded and failed. Reading only 21 out of 52, Which is still impressive. Not as impressive as previous 'reading' years but impressive.

This year, I'll be joining the challenge again. Read 52 books in 52 weeks. Which I hope won't be a problem. At my last pace, I was able to read three books in a week. That isn't so impressive, since  I was able to finish seven in a week when I was thirteen.


This was my first goal of 2015. Which did not happen. I wanted to though, but as I said in my 2015 Resolutions, writer's block is my greatest enemy. No matter how many unfinished scripts, and doodles on notebooks I have. They never seem to bear fruit to anything cohesive.

This year I want to produce. I want to create something new. To be proud of something that I made. I do hope it begins with this. Luckily this time, I have people to stand with me.


Perhaps it's just me but I feel like I've been in a blogger's block for most 2015. Nothing about blogging inspires me anymore. It became a masochistic job I forced myself to endure. There were days I almost clicked 'delete' blog and forget about this endeavor. Blogging was suppose to be fun, not a constant reminder of bad things.

This has to change. I worked so hard on blogging. I can't quit now. I pray I'll focus again. I hope I do.


Today I looked through old notebooks of 2015. Half-empty, spattered with ink from my heart and scribbles from my vicious mind. Beautiful words I forgot I wrote. Emotional papers I'll never show anyone. Personal letters I keep to myself. I remember what it felt like to write without care. I miss it.

Writing for myself, and writing for a blog is different. I don't ever want to be too personal on my blog. I don't talk about feelings. Not in real life, not on Hey Bash. No. My emotions will stay with me. So let me write for me.

Drinking Starbucks Coffee in Yokohama

I feel like I should add 'Get Fit & Healthy' in there. But I'm eating Nutella from a jar right now. So that's a fail.

I have blogging goals too. Redesigning the blog (which I did!), hosting a successful giveaway (which I did!) and getting involved (which I think I'm doing). Yes, Hey Bash has a new design thanks to Mango Blogs Shop and the giveaway ended! I'll be announcing the winners on Twitter tomorrow so go check that out!

Also, hitting 500 followers on bloglovin! That is an amazing blogging milestone, so thank you so much to every single reader. You make blogging worthwhile. I assure you, I will celebrate. Just you wait.

I don't have any expectations for 2016. I certainly hope it's better than 2015, which was an abysmal year. A number of things happened in 2015 that made it one of the worst periods of my life. Wow, Bash. So melodramatic. Take a chill pill.

What are your goals for 2016?


  1. That's great goals!! Happy 2016 x


  2. Love your post, I actually didn't right a blog post about new years resolution because I felt like I wouldn't be able to accomplish most of it. The writings in my blog are short and I'm not dropping any hint of myself in it. And I also have a writers block that why tend to shy away from words. Hope you get back your creative side. Good luck with 2016!

    Capturing Life Memoirs | bloglovin' | Instagram

  3. Oh, I love your list, I may have to steal it for myself! I haven't thought to much about goals for this year but I'll sit down and write them this weekend! (I read somewhere if you write down your goals you're more likely to achieve them, and now I slavishly follow that rule lol!) <3

  4. I don't feel the need to set new goals when the new year rolls around. I think we should set ourselves goals no matter which date is approaching, and work on them continuously.
    That being said, sometimes specific date is needed to reflect and realize what makes you unhappy, and I feel like you did a lot of that. Realizing that you are unhappy is an important step to being happy again, so, New Year aside, I think your goals are great.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. Great goals, hope that u make them all come true!

    BLOG | Taislany

  6. It sounds like 2015 has been a challenging year for you! Hope you will find back the joy and regain your focus on blogging. Take care!


  7. You look gorgeous:) I love your jacket:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. I love the way you write your posts I really do! And your outfit is so gorgeous! These are great goals for the year, I'd be happy to read even 5 books! :)
    x Kenzie

  9. Very nice goals ! :) hope you will have amazing 2016 year ! :)

  10. You're an angel. I hope this year brings more for you than ever before. And as for the 52 books in 52 weeks, I'm with you every step of the way. We should start a book club or something haha!x

  11. I've read a load of 'goals' posts, but yours definitely has to be my favourite and one that I relate to the most. Congrats on reaching 500 on Bloglovin, I just followed you on there ♥

  12. Love these goals! I wish you so much luck in achieving them! :) xxx

  13. Hope you get to achieve your goals. I know it won't be that easy. I'm sure you'll achieve all - or maybe almost all of it!

    As for me, I'm entering my sixth form or college year this year around. So, my aim/goals would be survive sixth form and nail it - not that hoping too high there. But, I'll give it an attempt on it. Wouldn't want to screw these upcoming two years of cruciality.

    Naqibah |

  14. I hope 2016 will be better for you! And writing for yourself is one of the best things you can do, I love writing into my diary, it really helps me clear my mind. My goals for 2016 are living life as it comes and being myself. :) x

  15. Great blog thanks for visiting :)

  16. Lots of goals, and I'm loving how ambitious they are. Good luck to you this year as I'm sure you can handle it!

  17. these are some big (and great) goals! wishing you luck on all of them!

    Reading is on my list as well. happy 2016 girl!

  18. I fully support flying by the seat of your pants. ;P These are great goals; thanks for sharing!

    xo, Alice | Alice + TYPENU

  19. Regain a positive mindset, that is so important. Thanks for commenting on my post, Bash, and although I wished we related on a happier subject, solidarity is still relieving. I hope we embrace our happier selves again. Best of luck on all of your goals!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  20. I just wanted to let you know that you're an absolutely amazing person- sure I haven't met you and maybe it's just based on the filter through your blog, but I think you have to potential to be happy. I was in a slump similar to yours last year and by actively writing at least one thing a day that was good I was able to realize that everything's what you make it.

    You have a bright 2016 ahead of you, Bash! Here's to kicking 2015 in the butt. And don't feel the least bit bad about eating nutella out of a jar! (I'm pretty jealous tbh)

    Take care,

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  21. love this post! Good luck for 2016!
    -Morgan x

  22. You have a beautiful artsy soul girl! Love your goals and I hope you accomplish each one of them :) I'd love to see your short film! Good luck <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  23. I didn't made resolutions this year and I still don't have any. Maybe I'm going to try to read more and keep working hard on my blog

    The Color Palette

  24. I hope that in 2016 you find happiness and have a fulfilled and positive year!

    By the way one book per week is super impressive, never mind three pre week! I'm such a slow reader that I can only read a full book in less than a week when I'm on holiday with no other distractions. So for me to complete the challenge, I'd have to not work, not blog and purely just read haha. But reading more is definitely a great goal and one on my list for this year, just in much smaller quantities.

    Samio x

  25. Regaining a positive mind set is something that I've been focusing on a lot since September but it's only this new year that I took what I think was the most important step to getting happiness back, I started slowly taking out the unnecessary things in my life that don't make me happy, for example I switch debating for creative writing, dropped math, left a relationship I didn;t feel was how it should be and some things I've done were harder than others but I'm already feeling the benefits :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

  26. Happy 2016, Bash! So glad you are back! I've missed you! Love your goals! Reading is a big one for myself! I read a lot actually but sometimes I just don't have time! Being a mother, etc. it's hard to find time for yourself but anyhow, looking forward to new blog posts of yours! :)
    Happy Weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  27. I think it's okay not to have plans, anyway. I do not have any plans either and I've never forced myself to have one. As you see, we create plans and goals but time and life screws them. Then, we find ourselves in sadness. Hope you will have better memories this year!
    Nazlıgül | on my own way

  28. Great post! Beautiful photos. :)

  29. I haven't made any special resolutions for new year, of course I have plans, but not associated with the start of the new year but with continuation of previous plans for future. Good luck with your goals!:)
    Btw. You look beautiful!:)


  30. Great post and great goals. I hope that you will realized all of it! :)


  31. I love all your goals for 2016. Even if you don't accomplish them all, it is so great to have them. I think thats why they call them goals. I also like the idea of goals versus a resolution. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your goals.


  32. I love the 52 books goal, I really need to read more books this year

    Lauren x |

  33. Great post and good luck for 2016! ♥
    xoxo, Gloria
    the Glamour Taste
    Facebook | Instagram

  34. These are such great goals! Hope you have a wonderful 2016!

  35. Love this post! Such great goals.
    Good luck!

  36. Yes! Number 4!!! That is me! I can relate to this in so many ways. It's weird to not be like "oh this is my new years resolution now let me plan my life around it" this year.

    Kimberly | Kimberly's Chronicle

  37. IF YOU DISAPPEAR FROM THE BLOGOSPHERE I WILL LEGIT CRY. Your blog is one of my favorites! It's hard to keep up blogging sometimes, and there are many days where I have to push myself to edit photos and write up posts but the friendships and relationships with other bloggers and brands is soooo worth it. I hope inspiration hits you soon. Congrats on the 500!

    becky ♡ star violet

  38. So in love with your blog! You've got such a fresh style and it really is a pleasure to read it!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? If yes just let me know once done and I'll be right back!

  39. I love how realistic your goals are! I hope you do well!

    The New Purple Haze

  40. Lovely post, number two is definitely a great goal, i really want to get back into reading.

  41. One of my friends did a 52 books in 52 weeks challenge as well, and I was so impressed! (still am!) That's definitely something I'm interested in, but I realized that even with my low goal of 15 for last year (which I surpassed by a substantial amount), I was racing to read books and so sometimes chose some fluffy quick reads that I didn't gain too much from. That's probably only because I'm a slow reader so I resorted to that. Anyways, this year I raised my 2016 goal a little bit, but I'm going to try to be a little more mindful about what books I choose to read :) Happy 2016, and I really hope it goes better than 2015 for the both of us! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  42. This is a great post! :)

    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  43. Hahaha, you and I both. I have no resolutions either. Great goals. I used to enjoy reading but being an educator, I read a lot at work and just want to stay away from it when I'm not getting paid to, lol. I should get back to reading for fun and relaxation though. As soon as I find the time to. I hope you don't quit blogging, I enjoy reading you.Congratulations on your Bloglovin followers. I just don't know how to work that media. Don't remember my password or the last time I was there. Perhaps I should make that one of my goals for this year, to go on there more often. Cheers to a fantastic year darling and good luck with the goals.

  44. You are so funny, am not sure if it's sarcasm but am laughing....I wish you all the bets as you implement these goals, I can't to see you blogging more often, read 52 books.....good luck!

  45. These are all SO inspiring and I got to put some if them on my own to do list! I wish I could read at least 21 books in a year but since I'm doing finals this schoolyear I'll have to concentrate on maths and english books haha!

  46. I am not one for setting resolutions too, but this year I did for my blog. Maybe this year I will actually achieve them, haha. Staying positive and finding happiness is always on my list and I really hope you will find it this hear. Yours goals are very good in my opinion as you don't opt for those over used ones like go to gym, eat healthy and other crap that we all know people just don't stick too. So just the best for you this year and I am sure 2016 will be your year :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  47. Wishing you all the b best of luck with your goals sweetheart! Sending you positive vibes! xxxxx

  48. I haven't really sat down and listen out new year's resolutions either, but in my head I know I want to focus more on my blog and find time for other things too. Reading books is so enjoyable, I definitely want to get back into it too :)

    Velvet Blush

  49. Stunning look and your red wool cap is also beautiful.

    Castor Oil Hair Treatment

  50. I love the fact that you don't have a plan, it's cool to just let things happen. And I get you when you talk about writing, I write too and sometimes I just can't write for days and it's so frustrating! Hope you have an amazing year
    ps: I'm following you now :)

  51. Lovely post, dear. Wishing you the best of luck with your goals, producing your own short film sounds really exciting, I'd love to watch it! 2015 wasn't the best for me, either, but here's hoping that 2016 is a little better. <3 Sending lots of hugs your way, hun! x


  52. great goals!

  53. feels like forever since ive read your blog (I do apologise), I think it's good to just see where life takes you instead of planning your every move :) I totally understand what you mean about the Nutella thing, I feel you haha :) x x

  54. I really didn't have a new year resolution as well I didn't even think about writing one, all I plan on doing this is to continue to work on the goals I've set, because not all goals happen overnight. It is indeed another year but it's also just another day. Happy new Year hon and all the best to you.

  55. This post is really amazing, love it so much!

  56. Congrats on reaching 500 on Bloglovin'! I really do like your goals too, I feel like they're very reflective in an emotional sense, as well as what you want to get done (I hope that made sense I'm definitely not as good as a writer as you seem to be). A few of these are things I want to do myself like making a short film and reading more, but I haven't really written down a solid list of anything because I don't think that particularly helps me. It just becomes something I occasionally look at from time to time without getting anything done. But I wish you the best on your goals, and I hope this year will be much better than 2015 :)

    Sam |

  57. All of your goals really hit home for me. I wish you the best of luck in 2016, and also congratulations on what you did achieve in 2015! Despite the hardships, there is always good too.

    Via Sora

  58. Love reading your resolutions. Thanks for commenting on Qing's Style. I hope you keep in touch!
    Qing's Style

  59. Good luck on your film and hope you find something that makes you truly happy! :) I have those feelings of unhappiness more often than I should as well, and I find that writing makes me happy (and it looks like it makes you happy too!)

    Macarons and Mischief

  60. Hey Bash, I love your honesty and I love how you are determined and taking steps towards what you want and what makes you happy. Hope you have a great 2016!

  61. I really love you :) Happy New Year!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)

  62. Woah! You used to be able to read a book a day? LIKE HOW! I thought me being able to read one in 2-3 days was good hahaha that's amazing! Reading more is also a top priority for me!

    Rai |

  63. Your 2015 reminds me a lot of my 2015. For what it's worth, you run an amazing blog, and I hope you will never again think about quitting it. I am sure 2015 was successful in many areas as well (heeey, 500 followers on Bloglovin! - congratulations!), so keep your head up and great things will come. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in 2016!

    Insomnia ///

  64. I really enjoyed reading these goals, I'd personally love to read more and gain a better mindset this year as well. Also good luck producing a short film, that's really exciting stuff. I've produced short films in the past and I'd say my best advice is if you're proud of your work get it out there! Entering your film on festivals around the world is a really satisfying process :)

  65. Great goals for the year ahead! Gaining a more positive mindset is high up on my list too...I don't call them resolutions either, that just makes it harder for me to follow up on them ;)

    Christina |

  66. Ohn dear, thanks a lot :D

    I really wish all the best in your life <3
    Keep it up with this amazing blog!

    NEW TIPS POST | Agenda Parfois: Make It Happen Now
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  67. I love your goals. They're quite personal, and not just a mere listing of things you want to do. I really hope that 2016 will be a happy year for you, because everyone deserves to be happy :)

    Maybe winning my giveaway will cheer you up ;)

  68. Loving your goals, Bash! Very realistic :) I also can't commit to resolutions, so creating goals is the way to go! Best of luck x

    Pop over to my blog!


  69. I find your goals very resonant and unique! I agree that if you can't say that you're happy without skipping a beat, something's missing. I hope you find that thing this year!

    The 52 books is so admirable--I used to be such a big reader when I was younger, but then the schoolwork piled up. I now read for fun over breaks, but it always seems like there's so much to read and so little time!

    Best of luck!

    imperfect idealist

  70. I feel you on blogging, I've kinda lost my spark for blogging but I think it's because I primarily have a beauty blog, and in 2015 I went crazy buying a lot of makeup I didn't need, and now I'm pretty strapped, especially with lots of bills and loans to pay and an upcoming wedding. 2016 is the year I practice discipline and self-awareness, and I honestly do not have the desire to buy makeup lately...actually, I tried some of the Tarteist Lip paints and I do like them, but I am restraining myself. I am putting in effort to write in my journal too about my woes and reflections. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


  71. I need to read more. I used to devour books, but since being a mom, I have no time :(

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  72. I don't have any plans for 2016 yet and we're halfway through january! I should get on with it asap. Nice to know your goals, bash :)

    - Joyce |

  73. I'm always super impressed by people who can do the 52 week challenge! I dream of accomplishing it myself one of these days but somehow I never read as much as I would like. Good for you!

    - Nellwyn |