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Friday, 29 January 2016

S  A  Y   H  I   A N G E L A

Young, bold and style icon in her own right.

A ferocious blend of bold monochromes and Korean-inspired style. Angela from Metallic is our guest writer for today's post! Only sixteen years old, she has become one of my favourite upcoming bloggers in Brunei. Just a babe when I met her in secondary school, now grown up.

So go say Hi Angela!


I am writing this in the middle of the night, probably around 12 midnight, a time that of course I should be sleeping. But believe it or not, this is probably the best time for me to write this blog post. My siblings and parents are asleep and my electronic devices are taken away from me for the night, I am now away from any possible distractions. So with my school notebook, with my only light source, my table lamp, I can finally think about what to write. So now that I'm stuck writing this, let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Angela, from my name you should be able to tell that I'm a girl and that I'm going to drop some boring and lame facts about myself. I'm turning 17 this year and I'm recently studying in the 11th grade. Now other than being an abnormal teenage girl who has an unhealthy love for Kpop and Anime, I own a style blog by the name Metallic. Okay so the blog title isn't really confirmed due to the fact that I constantly change it til I feel somewhat satisfied enough to settle with it, but I do have a firm idea of what I want to do on my blog.

When I first started this blog early last year, Metallic was originally called Wardrobe The Playlist, and I started out only posting my outfits of the week. Although I still do outfit posts, I try my best to add my artistic vision into each post I upload. Fashion and Art has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up with fashion in my life, I would dress up and mix-match outfits. But growing up with art was really something.

Years ago, I use to be bullied in high school. I would be called names, pushed over, some would steal money from me, ask me to buy stuff for them with my money, but there was one part of this subject which had an impact on me. You see during art lessons, my classmates would tell me to draw for them during assignments, before handing it to the teacher and claiming that they drew it. Some may call this sharing, but for the fact that they told me to draw for them and later then say that they were the one that drew it, I may call this stealing like come on??! drawing is not that hard. I didn't have the guts to tell teacher the truth because I didn't feel I had the confidence, especially in something I was passionate about like art. So this made me feel, well... upset.

Although now I'm in high school and I've grown up, I still feel upset. But somehow, now I manage to put enough self confidence into trying to portray my artistic vision in my blog.

I guess it might be because I remember that even though my classmates would pass up the drawings I drew for them, almost all the time my teacher would call me to their desk and tell me (without the others knowing) that they knew that I drew those drawings for them. A teacher (I didn't remember who) told me it was because he taught me long enough to know how I draw. Okay... soooo I don't know if my memory is foggy or if he actually did said that, but either way although I now hardly draw, I don't think I should give up art just yet.

So every now and then my blog, Metallic, is a platform where I can express myself and ideas. A platform where I portray my taste in fashion with a bit of my artistic vision. Where no one can steal my work(besides if they do I'll tell them to freakin give credits. Haha).

Oh and if you wonder why I decided to wear a mask, it's because most of time when I'm on Metallic, I almost never show my face. It's a strange way I like to portray myself. It's a little like when nobody knows how an artist looks like, but instead they can recognize his/her work. Well... that's not what I was going for, but that was part of why.

I would like others to know my work and recognize me by it and even if they don't know how I look like, whatever. It doesn't really matter to me. 

So yeah letting others recognize me for my work, I haven't established that yet, but this is why it's interesting. Maybe in the next few years I'll finally establish this but for now, I'm still a teenager and I just want to have fun~

Jacket : Padini Authentic 
Skirt : H&M
Socks : H&M 
Shoes : Rubi (Cotton On)

Blog: Metallic
Instagram: ANGXXLX

* * * * * * *

Oh, isn't she a cutie?!

Perhaps I'm biased since I've known her since she was eleven. I still see her as my friend's sister. Nevertheless, I know she will grow into her style with the passion for art and fashion she exudes. When she is ready to establish herself, I will be there to cheer on.

For now though, you can visit her blog Metallic for her quality outfit posts! Don't forget to check her Instagram, 'Angxxlx' for her amazing aesthetic. 


  1. Such lovely style and I adore her outfit, especially that leather skirt *swoon* great feature Bash! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. very stylish and young girl :) love the fact that she wants to be known for her fashion sense, not just a pretty face!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I loved this post! She is stunning, I love the whole vibe of this girl, must check out her blog!!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  4. This was great! At 16 you've got the whole world ahead of you- and I completely understand not showing your face and wanting people to see your work! I'm so jealous of her style!
    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  5. Super cute post! I agree with the above, it's so great that at 16 you're doing all that you are doing to make your life as best as it can be - great work. Love this post. <3

    The Dazzle Guide

  6. Thank you for introducing Angela on your blog, Bash! She has such a cute and interesting personality. I totally appreciate her understanding of art and fashion of course. WOW!!!
    Need to check her blog asap.


  7. Love her outfit, she seems like such an interesting person and someone who's journey I'd like to follow through blog, currently following her blog now actually!


  8. So cute!

  9. oh great! All black! Love it!
    Selina | SelinasInspiration

  10. She is amazing! I love her style and this all black look! Just adorable tee!

  11. hehehe the shirt!!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤️

  12. Wow, I loved reading Angela's story. Thank you for sharing!

    Via Sora

  13. I love Angela's style and I think it's really fascinating that you never show your face and always wear a mask :)
    Ramsha | Rose

  14. I love her outfit and her aesthetic, those shoes and that skirt! Love it all! Thanks for this awesome blogger profile, I loved reading it Bash!
    xo Kiki

  15. I adore your outfit and style dear!

    Winn | ♥ | Instagram

  16. The mask is an awesome touch to the outfit!


  17. So interesting with the mask. Nice to meet you Angela. I totally love your style.

  18. Loving that top! What a cool outfit! =)

    - Cielo
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  19. So cool outfit, loved it!
    Let me tell yoy that I fell in love with your blog!

  20. Love the look. The skirt is so chic and stylish :)

  21. Very stylish and beautiful! I love your outfit!

    xoxo, Nastya Deutsch


  22. She looks so cute.
    It's nice to wear mask not to show what we look on our face but on what style we have

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  23. Absolutely COOL!!!


  24. Lovely guest post, and I'll definitely be checking out her blog! x She seems like a lovely and creative person, and I just adore the edgy outfit! <3


  25. I love her confidence at such a young age and she's definitely making her mark!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  26. So sweet and it's heartbreaking to hear about being bullied and so sad that you were made to allow people pass your artwork off as their own but your teacher always knew it was yours and I'm sure you're extremely talented and you should definitely keep going with art, it's so important to remember that school isn't forever and i think stuff gets a lot better very quickly after secondary school :)

    Lots of love,Marianne xxx

  27. Love your style! I'm so sorry to hear about your bullying incidents, but I agree with your point on not letting it get to you and to pursue what you love - wishing you the best of luck with everything x

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  28. I love her fashion sense, and I wish I thought even partially this way when I was 16!!

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  29. She's a cutie! I love her outfit too! Not girly and it's unique.
    Hey how can I be a guest here in you lovely blog? haha just kidding

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