HeyBash's cohesive review of the drugstore foundation
RATING : 3/5

B E A U T Y   B L O G G E R   B U T   N O   P R O D U C T   R E V I E W S

This is one now.

My first product review in almost half a year! Wow. Why do I call myself a beauty blogger? I'm terrible at scheduling product reviews. My apologies to every respectable beauty blogger in the blogosphere. Jokes aside, I missed reviewing products. So I thought I could start off with this little tube of foundation! The first drugstore foundation I bought in almost a year.

So how is it? Well...

Review of a drugstore foundation from Essence

I bought Essence All About Matt! Foundation in Shade 10 Matt Beige for BND$4.90 at Paloma. A repackaging and formulation of my first foundation. Bought and used up almost four years ago. It was suppose to be a substitute until I got another bottle of Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. My everyday, holy grail foundation.

Thus, I will subconsciously compare both foundations by quality.

It's small packaging makes it convenient. Perfect for traveling and easy to use. It's cute design and slight floral scent makes it ideal for the teen demographic. Never thought I could call a foundation 'cute' but that's what it is. Cute.

Cohesive review of Essence All About Matt! Foundation

This foundation claims to be mattifying. It leaves the skin silky smooth with a flawless finish. This shade does match and evens out my skin. It has medium coverage, that doesn't feel thick at all. Though it's buildable and blendable, it has a tendency to look cakey. I suggest using a brush or a sponge to blend it instead of your fingers.

Unlike the Naked Skin foundation, this foundation has a limited range. With only four (FOUR!) colour selections. Disappointing but expected from a drugstore brand like Essence. I was lucky that the lightest shade matched me well. I can't even see the blended foundation.

I don't think it will do much to hide acne or pimples though. It's lightweight medium coverage might not be enough to cover large amounts of redness. I only used the foundation, and still noticed my dark circles but covered my veins. So use a green-primer beforehand.

Brunei Beauty Blogger wearing Essence All About Matt! Foundation
Essence All About Matt! Foundation in 010 Matt Beige

This foundation is for makeup beginners.  It is a great spend for a cheap product with relative quality. It's fine as it is, but I don't think this is a revolutionary product. It's not a dupe for my holy grail  nor is it even close. 

What it is, it is fine. It's an everyday foundation for young beginners, that more advanced makeup addicts would ignore. Like I did once my new bottle of Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation arrived. 

Sorry, Essence.

So have you tried any Essence foundations? What's your favourite drugstore foundation?