Hey Bash's cohesive review of Elly Asbellah's false eyelashes

W H Y   Y E S ,   T H E Y   A R E   M Y   L A S H E S
. . .   I   B O U G H T   T H E M

Perhaps I  am a sucker for pretty things that makes things prettier. Perhaps I'm conforming to the style of Instagram babes and YouTube personalities. Perhaps I just want to look nice.

I've been starting to use false eyelashes more often. For everyday wear when I want to feel pretty without going too overboard. You can argue that wearing eyelashes is already too much. I thought that too. Then I put on E.Asbellah False Eyelashes* and life changed. 

I truly am a sucker for pretty things that makes things prettier.

E. Asbellah False Eyelashes

Created by Elly Asbellah, one of Brunei's top makeup artists. He provides a selection of make up services on his website and teaches makeup courses as well! He ventured in entrepreneurship and released his makeup line under E.Asbellah

There are ten pairs of false eyelashes in the collection, all named after Disney Princesses. The little girl in me squealed after finding out. Wearing these would allow me live my life long dream of becoming a Disney Princess. In a sense. 

All the lashes in the collection are unique to each other. Their uses differ for different occasions on different days. I've used them for both the stage and the street. All pairs are perfect gifts to give away too! ...Since E. Asbellah are providing these in the giveaway!

Bash Harry trying on E. Asbellah False Eyelashes

SNOW WHITE | Incredibly long and luscious. Snow White are the longest in the collection, to lengthen and enlarge the eyes.   

CINDERELLA | Double stacked and holy crap! These are the most voluminous in the collection. Almost as big as Cinderella's ball gown.

AURORA | Surprisingly, these are the most light-weight in the collection! The petal-like design makes Aurora the most elegant pair.

ARIEL | The long lashes subtly elongate towards the ends. Almost similar to Snow White and Pocahontas in length.

Bash Harry trying on E. Asbellah False Eyelashes

BELLE | Belle focuses on thickness and volume. These lashes 'fill' the lash line, making your lashes look full and rich. Like her Beast, if you know what I mean...

POCAHONTAS | Long and thick at the ends, to create length and volume. Like the princess' long flowy hair. Very similar to Snow White.

JASMINE | Wispy and feathered lashes. They remind me of Ardell Demi Wispies. My personal favourite in this collection.

MULAN  | Light and straight. Perhaps the most natural-looking lashes in the collection. Perfect for everyday wear. Lightweight, reusable and easily the most natural in the collection. 

Bash Harry trying on E. Asbellah False Eyelashes

MERIDA | More subtle than the rest of the princesses, like Merida herself. These lashes are suitable for natural-looking, almost seamless days.

TIANA | Bolder and thicker in the outer corners. These lashes will pair nicely with a cat eye. Elongating the eyes to the fullest extent.

E. Asbellah False Eyelashes
E. Asbellah False Eyelashes

This whole collection is worth B$69 (USD$50) as each pair retails at B$6.90. Which are a steal in my opinion. For these ten sets of lashes, you will never have to buy a pair again. So thank you Elly Asbellah for providing these lashes! 

Don't forget to check out his website here to look at his services and makeup portfolio! It's very impressive. More impressive than mine, at least. You can also find him on Instagram here or contact him at +673 860 6462.

If you'd like to purchase these lashes, you can find them at five locations around Brunei.

E L L Y   A S B E L L A H   M I N I   M A K E U P   S T U D I O 
(Instagram: @ellyasbellah)
No.27, Spg.1016
Kg.Kilanas, KM12, Jln.Tutong

K A R L Y N N   C L O S E T 
(Instagram: @karlynncloset)
Open daily 10:00am - 8:30pm,
except Friday 2:30pm - 8:30pm.
Unit No.13, 1st Floor, 
Spg.94, Kg.Delima Satu.

(Instagram: @belleparis)
Open daily 10:00am - 8:00pm.
No.5, Spg.48, Jln.49, 
Kg. Perpindahan Lambak Kanan.

 M - I M A G E   S A L O N
1st Floor, Shakirin Complex, 
Spg.88, Kg.Kiulap (Above BIG PAPA's Restaurant). 

S A R I A Y U   /   M U S T I K A   R A T U   C O U N T E R
Ground Floor, Hua Ho Yayasan, Bandar Seri Begawan.

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