A Beauty Haul featuring NARS MAC LUSH Cezanne NYX DUO and Urban Decay

O H   P R E T T Y   T H I N G S ,   W H Y   M U S T   Y O U   B E   S O   E X P E N S I V E ?

Welcome to another segment called ‘Bash Spends Too Much on Pretty Things to Trick People into Thinking She Is a Pretty Thang.’ 

I was fortunate enough to spend the first half of December in Japan and Singapore. One, an exotic land of rich culture I have never experienced. The other, a place I visit every so often it becomes customary place. In Japan, I managed to pick up a few Asian beauty products out of interest. In Singapore, I managed to spend even more. 

So much for saving money.

Hey Bash Beauty Haul from Japan with Cezanna and Canmake
Japanese Beauty HaulCezanne eyeliner and mascara and Canmake concealers

Japan has some odd beauty delights. None caught my eye like this Cats Face Mask did. Face Masks designed to look like Munkustrap & Griddlebone, from the Broadway Musical Cats. The musical nerd in me fluttered. Excuse me while I sing Memory to my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

There were a few drugstore products I found in Japan as well. All less than 1000 Yen each! That’s about B$10.

In need of a new felt tip eyeliner and mascara, I picked up Cezanne Black Eyeliner N and Glamourlush Mascara. I’m meticulous with my liners and mascaras, with only a few I adore. So I hope these will meet my expectations. I also feel this way about the Canmake Mixing Concealer. My opinion of cream concealers varies but I hope to use this on clients and for my own contouring.

Lush Haul featuring Mask of Magniminty, R&B, New Charity Pot, Breath of Fresh AirMask of Magnanimity R&B Hair Moisturizer and New Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion

Traveling to Shibuya, we came across a huge Lush store. My sister squealed and my brother groaned. We stepped into the store and spent a good half hour there. Running, laughing, and jumping for joy with fresh products in tow. Lush is difficult to find in Brunei, so whenever a Lush store is near, I go mad. As this haul reveals.

Many bloggers praise The Mask of Magniminty as one of the best products LUSH has to offer. I took one sniff at the minty-fresh almost tear-inducing smell and got curious. I picked it up along with A Breath of Fresh Air. This was a sea-salt spray used as a toner for skin ‘ravaged by weather.’

We also bought R&B Hair Moisturiser, for my sister in particular. My hair was not withered as my sister's after the third day in Japan. With a hair moisturiser picked up, we got a Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion as well. In general, we bought a lot of moisturisers. Japan's cold weather did not bode well with our tropical skin.

Products in Haul include DUO Lash Adhesive, NYX Eyebrow Gel in Espresso and Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light WarmProducts in Haul include DUO Lash Adhesive, NYX Eyebrow Gel in Espresso and Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light Warm

I thought I was done shopping for makeup. Until I remembered we were going to Singapore. Where there was Sephora. Where all my desires were satisfied and needs subdued. Suffice to say, the last three days of my holiday made me both beautiful and broke.

While I did buy a Naked Skin Concealer a few months ago, I discussed how it was too light for my skin. So I bought Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light Warm, the second shade in the collection. It is just the right shade to hide blemishes and dull skin around my face. I will use these concealers in rotation, as my skin tone changes sporadically.

In need of a replacement for my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, I picked up NYX Eyebrow Gel in Espresso. I doubt it will ever replace the pomade as my favourite brow product. It is becoming a favourite in general. Like the pomade, a little goes a long way with this product.

DUO Brush-On Adhesive was a spontaneous purchase but one I do not regret. I find it much easier to use than their regular adhesives. It comes with a brush, which makes gluing lashes much quicker. I don't need to worry about excess glue spilling everywhere. 
Haul with MAC Prep and Prime Fix+, Soft Ochre Paint Pot and NARS Light Optimizing PrimerNARS Light Optimizing PrimerHaul with MAC Prep and Prime Fix+, Soft Ochre Paint PotHaul with MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot

I have a confession to make. I have never bought a single MAC product. Until now.

Both products are holy grails for many makeup artists, and for the limited time I've spent with it, I can see why. MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ is a water-glycerin mist that is like no other. The only thing I could complain about it is the packaging. The nozzle isn't designed well, making it occasionally difficult to have even sprays.

I've had my eye on MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot for quite some time. A pale, yellow beige cream eyeshadow, it is usually used as a base for the lid. Many bloggers swear by it, providing a base all over the eye. While it is a great base, I still have to apply an eyeshadow primer else it will crease.

On the way home from MAC, I also picked up my first purchase from NARS. Which was spontaneous. By spontaneous, I mean conjoled by a sales assistant and being too anxious to say no. NARS Light Optimizing Primer has a slight, barely noticeable shimmer that reflects under foundations. I adore it as it brightens my dull complexion for only $62! 

Wow, it almost wipes my tears away.

A Beauty Haul featuring NARS MAC LUSH Cezanne NYX DUO and Urban Decay

In conclusion, I regret everything and nothing. 

Please let me cry in the corner with a mirror and these products around me.

I'm happy with the products I bought. I say this with an acute sense of awareness I will not buy anymore products in the near future. This haul, and the next, guarantees that. Oh well, you live and you learn. And probably repeat.

So have you tried any products? Which would you like to see reviewed?