F O R   T H E   B O L D   A N D   B A L L S Y   B A D A S S

I am none of those things.

I can say it with complete and utter confidence. The most badass thing about me is my literal bad ass. So bad it hurts, figuratively. I am not bold, not ballsy and definitely not a badass. Haus of Jimmy R* makes me want to be though. 

Based in Brunei but with a world class eye, Haus of Jimmy R provides amazing designs for all. Handcrafted statement jewellery galore, Haus of Jimmy R's pieces almost speak with their own personalities. Ones that cater to their badasses and the wannabes like me.  

I featured the brand when they were still called Raja Maverick here. Still handmade by one man, Jimmy R, jewelleries created with precious stones and crystals. What catches your eye about the accessories is their unabashedly bold and daring look. These tribal pieces rever their motto. Definitely for the ballsy badass.

Their aim is emulate both the old and the new, an amalgamation to create unique accessories for anyone and everyone. A great example are their necklaces. From their Comet and Hawa collection, $20 and $25 respectively, these pastel pieces are delicate but gallant enough as accents to pair with any outfit. 

In contrast, bold necklaces like Coventina and Danu, resemble their namesake; goddesses. Ethereal and able to transform just by being. If you're like me, enjoying simple outfits - because boring shirt means beat face - then these necklaces can enhance with little effort. Though slightly expensive at $55 and $66, they are investments. Statement pieces that scream.

Haus of Jimmy R recently released their Dryad collection, named after druids to follow their New Age nuance. Morgan, Maeve and Flidais are some of the few bracelets shown. Each bracelet is priced at $25, crafted meticulously.

In all honesty, my favourite has to be Morgan. Though my photos don't do it justice, Morgan's crystal beads resemble Earth with its blue-green teal tinge. Its cerulean stone breaks the monotone chain, and that perhaps makes it my favourite piece among Haus of Jimmy R's designs.

Well, apart from these necklaces.

These three necklaces are one of my favorites from Haus of Jimmy R's collection. Each exceptional and distinctive, these beautiful necklaces going to be given a lucky winner, among other prizes. I will be eternally grateful that they are providing these for my First Giveaway ever! You can join the giveaway here!

They provided three necklaces for this giveaway including Sacrifice. A tribal piece worth B$35, colourful crystals connected to beads. This necklace reaches the sternum which makes it a great statement piece. Especially when wearing basic outfits.

Perhaps I have a soft spot for necklaces like Oasis Clear Quartz. Long necklaces look great on short girls, notably only B$25. A reversible necklace that hangs just above the belly button. If you wear backless dresses, I recommend wearing it as a back piece.

Iceberg is unique to many other necklaces. Two 'icebergs' parallel each other by strung beads and chains. A definite statement piece from Haus of Jimmy R. This necklace is worth B$30. 

In total, these limited edition necklaces are worth $90.

In all, Haus of Jimmy R specializes in bold pieces designed for everyone. If there is a way you want to feel at least twenty times more badass, then their jewelry will help greatly. 

You can find them on Instagram at Haus of Jimmy R or contact them directly at 673 811 0003

Also, I'm so sorry for the week and a half long hiatus. My laptop crashed for this whole duration. I had to reset the PC and re-install everything. Guess who lost all her Microsoft Word documents, including upcoming posts including this one. Which she had to rewrite in less than 24 hours. Thanks Lenovo.

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