Bruneian Blogger wearing all black

They told us to wear all black. Who was I to deny this righteous request?

Black is such a happy colour. A phrase used often amongst us, shadow lovers. I enjoy black, and wear it as often as I can. Furthermore, I try to wear this bowler hat as much as I can. Afterall, it makes me feel like a cool cat. Or Black Cat.

Hence the title of this post.

Wearing black leather jacket makeupBruneian BloggerBruneian Blogger

Rehearsals happened in the drama society I join. For a show postponed until January.

This is my fourth year, and my second year as crew member. As part of crew, we were required to dress in black during the nights in this freezing venue. With the rainy season upon us, layering was an apparent necessity. Grey skies darkened when I took these photos, and not half an hour later, it started to pour.

Thank goodness for sisters taking photos before leaving.

Bruneian Blogger
Bruneian Blogger Bash Harry
Turtleneck : (Similar) | Jeans : Something Borrowed | Shoes : 
Jacket : H&M | Necklace : Claire's | Hat : (Similar)
Bag : Handmade

Winged liner and red lip is a universal look, versatile with almost any outfit paired. Yet there is something classic to it when worn with black. A darker shade of class than dark itself. Perhaps that's why it is my go-to-makeup when wearing black. An amazing combination in itself. From Marilyn Manson to Marilyn Monroe.

Consider this Part 2 to the Part 1 of my last post here. While that post is about makeup, this one's all about the outfit. I think I'll start doing posts like these. Makeup/Outfit posts. They tend to be separate of each other in this blog, and I'd like to change that. So watch out for some normal makeup and outfit posts! 

You can find that out on Bloglovin' and check out the giveaway here while you're at it!

What is your go-to-outfit and makeup combo? I'd love to know!