Another update? Really?

Yes, really. I know I just had one to announce 'Fright Night' but October is over now. This is November. The penultimate month. Also Exam month. Also crazy month. Also be right back, because I need to wash these ink stains off my fingers.

Also be right back, because I'm taking a blog break. 

Hey Bash is taking a much needed break.

I thought this long and hard. I wondered if I could manage everything this month and still succeed. Usually I have posts ready and set for the month when I have time. November is no different. There are eight posts in my drafts, waiting to be written and published. Photos set, general points up but I won't be posting them yet.

In fact I won't be posting anything for November.

It is my own accord, that I take November as a break for at least two to three weeks.

Blogging is important to me but so are my exams. A Levels have just started and this is where my attention has to be. I can't think of posts or comments or tweets when my next paper is in just two days. Perhaps that is why I haven't been so involved as I would like to be. As exams crept on, blogging felt like a job.

Blogging became almost painful when it should have been fun. I love blogging, it was the consistency I needed this year. When nothing was right, when everything was wrong, and when nothing ever mattered. Blogging kept me grounded into a schedule that distracted me. But that was what it was, a distraction from bigger problems.

I have problems I don't enjoy acknowledging. Personal problems, blogging problems, some overlapping problems. Right now, what I need is a break. To focus on my exams and solve personal issues. I might have to face them sooner or later. I wish it could be later but it's already November. I don't want to start 2016 sad.

You might not be surprised though. If you have noticed my lack of involvement right now,

It doesn't mean I'm halting Hey Bash and becoming one of those 'ghost blogs.' Well, that's not true. I may still be haunting you and lurking around just to check up. But as of now, I'm officially in study-mode and you won't see me anywhere.

Except on Instagram here. Because it's the only escape I have now. It doesn't count though. It's everyone's escape.

See you in three weeks!