A symbiotic parasite. 

Victims succumb. Latching on to flesh, crimson channels creeping upon your skin. Bacteria controlling you. Absorbing you. Devouring you. Patient and quiet as the disease then the visceral silences. What terror it brings. The infection runs rampant from its corpse. 

It leaves Visceral Carnage in its wake. 

Just a warning. I use my hands a lot in these photos. It felt like it needed hand gestures.

Unlike my last look, Trypophobia, I did not have any guide to follow through. I had a concept in mind but a Pinterest search resulted in nothing. Just Powdah FX's tutorial on creating veins with wool. I used his technique to create a disgusting dimensional vein-esque parasite thing.

I don't know how else to describe it. My friend said it looked like Carnage. I like to pretend it was an infection, that would eventually take over the brain. Like a zombie parasite, in need of another body. I wanted it to look as if it was growing and eating me alive. How cool is that?

This took me a whole five hours.

I took care of the eyes and brows first.  I just used Urban Decay Naked Basics and Maybelline Gel Liner to create a quick eye look. With Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate for my brows, I was done. It's unimportant how you do your eye makeup. To make it look more disturbing, emphasize the dark circles and add blue tones. This would make it the look more undead.

I covered my lips by applying a thin gelatine mould with liquid latex. In hindsight, masking tape would have been a better choice. Applying the lightest foundation I had Revlon ColorStay in 150 In The Buff all over, then contoured with NYX HD Blush in Taupe.

Then the real fun starts.

The veins were made using Red Yarn and Liquid Latex. I pulled the synthetic strings apart until they were miniscule fibers. I used tweezers to lay the yarn on my face, then applied liquid latex over with a disposable paint brush. This was a long process, taking individual strands and covering the lower half of my face and most of my neck.

Once happy with how it looked, I applied a final thin layer of latex over the prosthetic. I painted over it with reds, browns and black to make it look dirty then applied blood. Because if you know me, nothing is ever complete without blood.

Though there are some things I would fix, I'm proud of this look. The more I stare, the more pride I gain. I might be cocky when I say this but I think it's creative and creepy. I followed my own idea and followed through with the concept. It's original.

Okay, someone slap me back down to earth.

A part of me wishes I filmed my process but that would embarrass me. So I hope this photoset and information was worth it. Peeling off the prosthetic was not. Hurts like witch with a capital 'B'. 

So what do you think? Do you like this look?