Do you have Trypophobia? 

A fear of holes. Does it paralyze you? When you see a swarm of jutted holes. Each crater, each dent, each void glaring in front of you. Orifices opened out of it. Pores pouring into you. It desecrates you. It defiles you. It disgusts you. The horde clusters for you. Let it infect you.

So let me ask you again. Do you have Trypophobia?

No, seriously. Do you? Does this disgust you? Or at least go 'WTF Bash?! I thought you were a normal beauty blogger who did normal beauty makeup?! Ya nasty!'

Trypophobia is apparently a recent phenomenon. An irrational fear of clustered holes. It's not even considered a legitimate phobia. Yet still manages to engross and gross people. SciShow has a great explanation about Trypophobia here. Michael muses it might be a survival instinct or an emotional contagion. Whatever it is, it's disgusting.

I have a strange fascination with Trypophobia. Like many people, a swarm of small holes averses me but I can't help to stare. My eyes glisten but my throat holds back a gag. It's a beautiful sight to behold. Even if it does make you grimace. You can't look away, you just stare. It incites an odd feeling, of excitement and horror. 

Oh, how wonderful. 

This is the first look of my Fright Night Series.

I've been planning to do a Trypophobia look for months now. I never did find the time until now though. Something came over though. After coming back home with my makeup still intact, I decided better late than never. October arrived and I shouldn't procrastinate. I set my makeup, and limited amount of Graftobian Scar Wax and started sculpting. 

It didn't take as long as I thought it would. About two or three episodes of Empire long. Once I finished the whole look, I revealed this look to baby sister. She claimed it looked like moldy cheese filled in jam that made her want to gag. What a sweet compliment.

This is where I should explain to you how to achieve this look. I can't because I made it up as I went along. It's my first try so the makeup isn't smooth as I'd like it to be. I didn't have scar wax to spare. I'd definitely try to recreate it one of these days when my scar wax isn't limited. For now, I'm still quite proud of what I've done.

Instead of explaining what to do, here are some helpful videos! Created by MadeYewLook and QueenKingSFX who helped me through the process. They give detailed information and clear instructions.

Warning. It's gross. 

Let me apologize if this disgusted you. Can I also say I hoped I succeeded in my intention of disgusting you?

Hopefully, I'll be doing an SFX look once a week. Time will only tell if this won't take away from exams or vice versa. That's the real horror: exam. A shiver tingles down my back.

If you'd like to get some more inspiration for October, then you follow Hey Bash on bloglovin! Dedicated to the creepy crawlies and glorious gore for this whole month! Because Fright Night is the only time I get too!

So what do you think of Trypophobia? Does it freak you out?