Every boy's dream. To get shot in the face.

This is my brother, Adam. Barely fifteen, barely through puberty with a barely there moustache to prove it. Since my face is still sore from the Trypophobia SFX makeup, he is my model today. I asked what he’d like me to do and he answered ‘Can you turn me into a Kaiju with really, big awesome teeth and huge horns?

I said no.

Instead, he’s going to help me teach you how to make a basic bullet wound! 

1 | Prep the skin using Isopropyl Alcohol to give the product a clean space to work with. Obviously you just want to do this when using products like this. Don’t ever use Isopropyl Alcohol any other day for makeup. Wait until it’s dry before continuing. 

2 | Apply Graftobian Spirit Gum to the area and tap until sticky. Yes, it is very important to tap. Spirit Gum won’t have hold unless you do but don’t tap too much. It will lose its stickiness so once you feel friction, stop.

3 | Take a pea-size amount of Graftobian Scar Wax and just stick it on. It will look weird but just carry on.

4 | Apply lotion on your fingers and begin moulding the scar wax into your skin. You can use spatulas but I find fingers make it easier to control. Either way, you will have to reapply the lotion so the wax won’t stick to your fingers or tools.

5 | Taking a small, blunt object to stick it into the middle of the scar wax to make a hole. I couldn’t get a good shot but you get the gist. I used a spatula, but you can use the end of a thin makeup brush. 

6 | Optional: apply a thin layer of liquid latex over the area. Not only does it last longer, but you can colour and paint the wound more effectively. In the photo, I applied the latex to a large surface. I removed it once it was dry and reapplied it, concentrating on just the wound. 

7 | Apply translucent powder to remove shine. I used E.L.F Studio High Definition Powder but you can use baby powder instead. 

8 | Colouring determines whether you want gore or clean. Take your foundation and blend over the area. You can leave it like that or apply reds to show irritation. I took a diffuser and dusted orange, red and purple shadows to highlight irritation.

9 | Paint inside the wound. Taking some red and apply it as a base before using a darker red in the inner part. You can use black cream paint to deepen the crevice. At this point, it might look like a pimple. That’s why we’re adding blood. 

10 | Apply fake blood inside the hole and around it. You can let it trickle down but don’t apply too much blood, you don’t want to overpower the wound. I regret using this kind of blood, since it was too thin in consistency and dried too fast. Thicker blood would look so much better.

11 | But with that said, you’re done! Okay! Now go freak some people out. 

Actually, don’t.

Please don’t intentional scare people with this look. My only request is that you don’t use it to scare people. It’s short-term fun but can genuinely terrify people. If you went to a party like this, it would be fine. Just don’t go scream at old ladies. It’s cool, it’s great but don’t hurt people using this.

I still hope you enjoy this tutorial though! My brother had an extremely fun time, getting a bullet to the head and showing my mother. She wasn't as pleased.

So what do you think? Would you try this out? I'd love to know!