On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Or nude-pink. Whatever looks nice. 

Alternative Title: If Wednesday Addams was a Plastic. 

It won’t ever happen. Perhaps in some alternate dimension I'd like to pretend. But we all know she would still be a homicidal maniac. She’d eat Regina George alive and skin the Plastics. That is a crossover I’d kill see. 

Taking a break from Fright Night to for an OOTD post. It can be mentally and physically draining to compose concepts and creations. Not only that, exams are upon us. Perhaps I should have thought our the next few months more clearly. OOTDs are good fun, the relaxed post that don’t take as much time as three SFX looks would require.

It’s been ages since I wore flats in an outfit look. My Cool Kid outfit if I recall, almost five months ago with these exact shoes. I lamented how dirty suede shoes could get when drenched in rain and mud. I cleaned it, but still looks like it has tire tracks.

But you don’t notice, right?

The pink-nude flats matched the shawl though. It brightened the, otherwise, Minimalist Goth look I’m use to wearing. My mother tells me I shouldn’t wear so much black and pastels are nice. This is my attempt to incorporate both shades and failing miserably. I think I’ll stick to black.

Oversized Button Down : (similar) | Outer Shirt : (similar) | Shawl : Shawlbyvsnow
Jeans : Something Borrowed | Ballet Flats : H&M
Necklace : Embellish | Bracelets : Aldo | Rings : Eve and Rosie

I had brunch with old friends, just before A Levels shuts us from social interaction.  We joke that we knew each other before we got ‘cool.’ I use the term sarcastically. As far as I can tell, we’re still the nerds called The Power of Three and knew all the spells from Harry Potter by heart. 

After eating at a cute boutique café, we watched ‘The Martian.’ Which is by far, one of the better movies I’ve seen this year. If I have to give a short review, it’s Cast Away meets Apollo 13 with a touch of Interstellar. The special effects, the cinematography, the acting. There is few faults to the film, in non-science, general film enthusiast way. 

This is a respite before I return to SFX-related posts. Just so I won’t burn myself out, I will have a normal post every Sunday. Tuesdays and Fridays will be Fright Night posts. I assure you they will be gross so if you’d like to see them, then follow Hey Bash on bloglovin