I feel like drowning. Not in the most melancholic and melodramatic sense. I feel like I'm drowning in studies. In a sea of papers and essays and pens. Papers due, essays to write and pens that run out of ink in just a week. I have written so much, I think I developed carpal tunnel. 

October was not filled with gore or blood or horror. Unfortunately, October was filled with the worst thing in life. Exams. My insides are curling inward.

So how did that go?

Doing | You may not know this but I have exams now. Ginormous exams. I'm writing this during my fifteen minute break. In all honesty, it makes me want to knit myself into a cocoon and become a larva. I don't even need to become a butterfly, just let me sleep. 

Watching | I thought I was done watching Ryan Murphy's shows. That is until American Horror Story: Hotel and Scream Queens premiered. While I'm still watching them, I don't know why. His shows, while aesthetically appealing, are just not good anymore. Scream Queens is sexist trash. AHS: Hotel relies more on disturbing the viewer than having a good storyline. Perhaps a few more episodes may change my mind but it's doubtful.

Listening | I study best when I listen to music. Specifically, instrumental study music. I don't have any instrumental music in my iPod so I've been using 8tracks. There is no specific playlist I listen to often. Night In The Library is absolutely beautiful though.

Loving | With all the stress of exams, I keep calm by looking at all the lovely comments on Fright Night. Creating Trypophobia, Visceral Carnage and Zombae for this month has been such fun. I realize how much I love creating makeup looks that I do so rarely. Maybe after exams, I might do some more.  

Making | It is during examinations how old I am mentally. I knit a lot during exams. I have made two simple baby hats in just three days. Also, currently knitting a mini version of my Georgina hat here. It's for my niece, or any toddler who can fit into it.

Planning | Oh look! Mind maps, flash cards, essays galore! All piled as I sit on the floor. Wishing I had more time to moan and groan. Nope, exams come first and they just hurt. I thought I was smart but all I am is filled with regret. Everything including trying and becoming. Whoopsies.

Reading | Oh look. Same things I've been reading for the past four months. School books. Must I truly who sold Stalin pierogi? 

So that is my October. Instead of really cool gory stuff like the last month would imply, I was focused on exams. My brain is exhausted in the membrane. By studying and papers, and didn't start until yesterday.

It's going to get worse, I assure you.

So my October was filled with studying and exams. How was yours?