Bash Harry on Hey Bash talking about Fright Night

I gave you my heart. Why did you break it?

Besides working as a freelance makeup artist, I'm also an SFX artist. With a speciality for horror and gore. Guts, blood, and bruises. What can I say? I like messes and I especially love bloody messes. 

Why am I telling you this? It's October! The Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack blasting through, Hocus Pocus ready to play. This is the only month where I get to finally play. Where perhaps a little blood elicits excitement than fear. Where presenting your lover your heart is more disgusting than usual. 

So welcome to Fright Night!

Because I don't celebrate Halloween, I'm obligated to call it Fright Night instead. 

I miss blood, even if I encounter it at least once a month. I don't do as many SFX looks as I wished I did. Always trying to do more but never actually going through with them. A recurring motif here in this blog. I love special effects makeup but it's a concentrated niche. Few are interested in blood, unlike makeup. With strong makeup looks, you're viewed as weird but not terrifying. 

But October changes things. My love for nightmares and horrors becomes quirky and unique, than odd and frightful. Your high tolerance for blood becomes an advantage. October changes things because it's October. Things happen. Weirdos are cool for just this one month.

My dive into the SFX makeup world started last year, slowly improving and learning as the year went. What would once take me four hours now only takes me 45 minutes. Earlier this year, I did a makeup job and finished a knife-in-the-back in under half an hour. Cheer with me for I did that half-asleep from a nap.

A Creepy Clown by Bash Harry on Hey Bash
Made by Bash HarryAn SFX look made by Bash Harry, recreated by Bonnie Corban

Back in October last year, I did a similar Fright Night concept and managed to post three makeup looks.. Though the posts are gone now, deleted due to sheer embarrassment. There are still some photos from my earlier SFX work. I'm proud of the looks I did but I still cringe. The lighting, the posing, the details. 

I got better. I swear.

Among all the blood and gore, the last look is by far my favourite. My absolute pride and joy. Gross and gory, and simply perfect. I made it as an entry for Bonnie Corban's SFX contest. I made Top 5 and even better, she recreated the look as a Gory Reattached Face here

Though I am grateful for her recreation, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little annoyed. Since she made the tutorial with a bigger platform and fan base, many consider her look to be original. They don't acknowledging me. Maybe that's just my ego but this application took hours for a beginner like me. Someone taking credit just saddens me.  

Bash Harry look

I N   O T H E R   N E W S . . .

I have finally incorporated advertisements in Hey Bash! 

It's been an idea in my mind for ages now. Advertisements are a fickle thing. Though I was offered a lot, I've declined a lot more. Hey Bash was never intended to have advertisements and sponsorship. That was over a year ago, and it has definitely changed since then. 

This is a beta test for now. I decided to focus on local bloggers and brands for this first month, as a test run to see how it will do. I'll probably post more detailed post about advertisements in the upcoming weeks. As of now, you can look through my Advertising page here which has more information and all you need. 

If you're interested then please e-mail me at!

An SFX heart made by Bash Harry

Hey Bash may have slightly darker content this month. It might not be suitable for easily queasy people. That said, it won't be all blood and gore. I can't bring myself to do that. I tried that last year and it failed spectacularly. Instead, makeup posts and tutorials are ready to go. They are just the same as every other post, just a little more horror-ble

Someone better high five me for that pun.

So watch out for some horror-themed posts for October.  You can do that by following Hey Bash on bloglovin or my instagram

So are you excited for October? What do you think of Fright Night?