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Wrath is a powerful tool for destruction. I'll let you bubble and boil. Under the surface of your skin. In the hot breath of your lips. Over the dense judgement of your mind. I'll let you hold your shrieks and screams. The animosity between you and I, it can't be contained.

I'll be there. When hate builds up and that is all you feel. When you look at pretty faces and their pretty lies. When you see beautiful bigots and their bias. When you feel, I'll be there. I am Anger. The anger in you. I will make you suffer. I will make you scream. I will drive you insane.

I am a powerful tool for destruction.

Personal Style Hijabi
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I don't get as angry as I use to be when I was younger. A demagogue with burning ears and horns sticking out from my temples. Consumed by fury and destroyed by rage. Trying to stop being such a hothead was a conscious decision. It perturbed me to feel so much anarchy inside then nothing afterward. So now, I strive to be as calm as possible.

Which has been difficult.

I get annoyed, aggressive and perhaps a little aggravated but not angry. Never angry. I tell myself with fists clenched and pupils constricted. It is a grand gesture of ignorant character to make me angry. Breach of the truth and betrayal of trust. It's like I was twelve again. 

Then I realize it's not anger I feel. It's disappointment. Then hands let go and eyes look up. My devotion evaporates and admiration goes away. It's not anger anymore. There is no pain caused by stab wounds, just empty holes where respect once was. It's disappointment. Disappointment for the loss of what could be, but will never be. It's disappointment.

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Where did all this anger come from? Blame Anger from my Headquarters.

Please get the Inside Out reference. It's an amazing film, that I watched twice, once with my sisters then again with my brother. Obvious from my predominantly red and white outfit, Anger was my favourite character. Lewis Black is hilarious as the literal hothead with a Napoleon Complex. Though, the whole cast is pretty darn great. I want to watch it again and again.

I could go on about Inside Out and endless allegories for depression, mental stability and growing up. Only Pixar could make Feelings have feelings and make you feel all the feels. Watching it twice may have just ignited my love for it even further.

So have you watched Inside Out and how did it make you feel?