how to depot lipsticks

Raise your hand if you're a lipstick hoarder.

From pinks to browns to black, I am a lipstick hoarder through and through. While I have a plethora of shades at my disposal, I don't have the space in my disposal.  My packed lipstick drawer made me realize these lippies needed to shrink if I wanted more.

After much googling and experimenting, I found the best (at least, the easiest) way to do. It's not as hard as it seems. At first.

So here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to depot your lipsticks!

things requirednyx maybelline essence

The things you will need are:

Lipsticks - Obvious reasons.

Containers - I used detachable pots but you can use pill boxes or ready-made lipstick pans.

Candles - Any kind of candle you have on hold, and a lit flame that comes with it.

Spoon - How else are you going to hold the lipsticks? Though you may need more than one.

Tissue - There will be mess. There will always be mess.

Popsicle Sticks & Sculpture Tools - Acting as spatulas to scoop and mix the product later. You can even a smaller spoon!

Isopropyl Alcohol - To clean and disinfect way more times than you thought. To make it easier, put it in a spray bottle.

Labels - To write the lipstick name and brand.

how to melt

Before doing anything else, disinfect your utensils! Disinfect everything!

This is the most important step in anything or everything. Some people forget to clean their tools, whether its makeup brushes or cooking utensils. Trust me when I say disinfecting your tools will save you.

Yes, it's an extra ten minutes. It will go by fast with an alcohol-filled spray bottle, tissue and good music. After each process, you should try and disinfect each tool you used. Not only is this hygienic, you'll less likely to contaminate and mix products.

how to depot your lipsticks
How to Depot Lipsticks step-by-step tutorial

1 | Hollow out the lipstick product, and what's left in the tube with a spatula. Scoop out in small chunks so the lipstick will melt faster.

2 | Light the flame after getting the lipsticks ready. If you are can set multiple spoons of lipsticks ready and set, your process will go much more smoothly.

3 | Hover the spoon over flame. And be very very careful. You can easily spill lipstick or burn yourself or spill lipstick on you and burn yourself. I say this from experience.

4 | Use a mixing utensil, like a popsicle stick, to swirl the product around. It will melt quicker into a liquid. BUT don't let the product to boil.

5 | Pour in the liquified lipstick into the container, careful not to spill. Most likely, lipstick will dry on the charred spoon. That's okay. Just wipe clean with alcohol and tissue.

6 | Repeat the process as many times as you like, and you're done! Don't forget to label the containers, else you're left with unidentified lipsticks!

Not as hard as it seems, right?

As a makeup artist, this is easier to bring around to shoots than the bag full of individual lippies. As a makeup enthusiast, it means more space for more makeup! You will save so much room in your makeup drawer. If it hasn't already been filled by other products like mine.

If you have half an afternoon to spare, you should try to depot your lipsticks. You may not get it right at first try. That's okay. Ask help from a friend especially if you have clumsy fingers like I do. Oh, burns and spills everywhere. 

I'm hoping to have more posts like this soon. Little tutorials, and beauty posts. I enjoy making them but take longer than the rest surprisingly. I say this as a supposed beauty blogger who has been neglecting beauty posts.

So have you tried depotting your lipsticks? Will you try it out?