Yes. I am wearing a wedding dress.
Yes. I am getting married.
Yes. I am lying.

September was a busy month. I said the same thing about August. Life becomes busier as months carry on. Dressing myself up, dressing people up but now I'm dressed down. In pyjama pants and an ancient velvet jacket with 'Juicy' scrawled across the back.

I vie days like these, when I can breathe for just five minutes. To sit and type, to just relax. Five minutes alone don't last forever. An hour in class does though. Not complaining, just stating.

But here is how my September went!

Doing | As I usually find myself doing for the past few months. Studying alone in my room at a quarter to midnight, cursing at myself. A Levels are sooner than soon, my pale skin and dead eyes tell me so. I can just feel time ebbing away. Still, I will smile while setting myself ablaze. The fire will burn, and there will be nothing left but ash.

Watching | For some reason, I watched American Horror Story: Coven in just three days. I was once an avid fan of American Horror Story: Murder House, and did try watch Coven when it premiered. I stopped, finding it too sexist. My quick review? Still sexist, but I enjoy the horror and gore. I can't deny myself a good bloodfest.

Listening | Holy Halsey, where have you been all my life? I've listened to her whole Badlands album on youtube more times than I can remember. Her sound, her lyrics, just her. My favourite song has to be Colors but Ghost is close second. Both perfect examples of musical poetry.

Loving | Notice anything different? I got a new header and favicon! Among other things but those are the most significant, noticeable changes. I love it so much, a simple but effective header. Mangoblogshop helped design them since my artistic skills leaves much to be desired. I can't thank her enough!

Making | Fake blood and guts. Read below to see why.

Planning | It's going to be October which means it's going to be Halloween! Which means a whole month of fear! I'm screaming my skull off. It's my favourite holiday that I don't celebrate. I'm a huge gore fan. The hilarious Human Centipede made me laugh to the dismay of disgusted friends.  So this October is when I focus on my SFX skills. Watch out for those posts on bloglovin here!

Reading | I hate the fact I haven't picked up a good novel in weeks. Any text I've read lately are school books, rarely I might add. A website, Racist Beauty Bloggers did catch my eye this month. It highlights racism, cultural appropriation and issues in the community. A fascinating read, even if they can get a little mean. It helps and encourages us educate ourselves in different cultures. To an extent.

Oh, you exhaust me. Wake me up when September ends.

If you read through my last few posts from the Currently series, you'll see how repetitive and boring I am. Always chattering about school, work and some joke called life. Don't worry though! I'm here to assure you, that this pattern won't break. It will remain as it has always remained. Allow me to scream into my pillow.

I do have exciting plans for October! I'll be doing things I haven't done in a long time. I'll be doing things I've never done. If you love Halloween like me, or just like this blog, do follow me on bloglovin to find out!

So how was your September?