August has been a busy month. 

Exams, birthdays, work. I didn't have enough time to blog, or even go online most days. For the past month, I was a hermit hidden in my bedroom with horrible thoughts of papers due and examinations to review. In layman's terms, I was studying.

Thankfully, exams are over for now. Another two months before my real determines-my-future exams begin. So, let's catch up!

Here's what I've been doing in August!
Doing | Listening to a career talk right now because they are everywhere! When we're about to graduate, career talks and future talks appear to answer questions! Of what's, and how's and why's. It's strange when adults ask 'what are you going to do?' I don't know.

Watching | Pixar's Inside Out! It just came out in theatres and I have been in love ever since. Pixar outdid itself, with its adult themes and portrayal of depression. The layers peeled back to create further allegories and metaphors. Oh, I loved it!

Listening | For the past the few days, Crave You by Flight Facilities has been playing on repeat. It's such a gorgeous song, released half a decade ago. This is one of the songs I found during a 'shooting star' session I call it.  It's a rare that a song makes me stop and just listen. 

Loving | I think I'm in love with Rachel from Willow Tea. She is the sweetest beauty in the world! I like to pretend we're best blogger friends even though she's halfway across the world. Lately, the work on her blog is amazing. Her photography, her writing! I love her!

Making | I've been revamping my Blogging Binder, which I've been neglecting for months. I made it in February and it has since been collecting dust. Quite literally. I enjoy making binders like a real Leslie Knope, but I never seem to fill it out like the real Leslie Knope. She is disappointed in me.

Planning | As I said before, A Levels are just around the corner and I'll be graduating soon. Hence five year plans and university goals pinned on a vision board. Planning out the future is exhausting. It's overwhelming but I find it inspiring.

Reading | Notes to be honest. I've been reading and rereading my notes and books on Shakespeare, Pinter, the Cold War. Exams took a bulk of my reading time. Mounds of papers to go through! Besides, I didn't read anything satisfying this month. I hope September will be different.

Bash Harry

(Since a lot of people asked in my last OOTD, Sweet Nessarose. I mixed in NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania and Amsterdam to get a nice burgundy lip to match the shawl!)

August has been exhausting, and very strange. 

Most days involve some sort of self-exploration or realisation. The second half of the year, when you're approaching a milestone, is stressful at least in my opinion. I see it around it school often. The clear sense of anxiety and fear for the future. To be aware of this tense atmosphere is a whole other story. 

I wasn't blogging or involved as much as I would like to be. But I have a few posts planned out, and I will try posting three times a week again! Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday you should see a new blog post which should vary in content. I hope. If you'd like to see them, please follow me on Bloglovin'!

But that was my August! How was yours?