I don't wear a lot of accessories. Usually, it's just my wristwatch and perhaps a necklace if I'm feeling fancy. As the year goes on, I found myself looking into more accessories to pair with my clothes. The curse of becoming a fashion victim. Finding excuses to buy pretty products.

Though, I wanted classic and elegant designs. Nothing bold or extravagant, but timeless pieces were hard to find. That's where Eve and Rosie* comes in.

 From rings to bracelets to necklaces, they have such a great selection for girls like me. Broke but still finding ways to look cute. Based in Brunei, they were so kind to send some gorgeous pieces to review.

Eve And Rosie
Eve And Rosie

I alternate between two necklaces most days. Both with an owl design, and both I wear too often. After much contemplation, I decided to get a new everyday necklace.

I looked around Eve and Rosie and found ‘Victoria’. The design is delicate and simple, which is why I love it so much. Victoria is versatile, pairing it with anything is a breeze. It's versatile pieces like these I treasure.

This little pearl, I can only describe as eau-de-nil, a pale white-green. Transparent beads beside it, hanging by a gold plated chain. I stared in awe. Is this what love at first sight feels like? 

Eve and Rosie
Eve and Rosie

I’m going to honest.

I felt compelled to get this bracelet from their September Bracelet Collection. It’s called ‘Bellatrix’ for Snape’s sake! If I didn’t get it then that would be Lestrange of me. Someone better give me a high five for that pun.

All the bracelets from the collection are lovely in their own right. This bracelet, like the namesake, had a certain intriguing beauty to the design. Maybe it’s the monochromatic palette, a touch of white against black. A perfect combination.

Eve and Rosie
Ring from Eve and Rosie
Eve and Rosie Panther

This gem is my personal favourite among Eve & Rosie's rings. The photos don’t do justice to the Lapis Lazuli ring. The stacked cold stone ring is gorgeous, blue with touches of marble grey. Though it is one of the more expensive rings at $10, I wear it the most often with basic pieces.

Eve and Rosie also provide button rings, cheaper alternatives to Swarovski crystals. ‘Panther’ rings come in Thunder, Storm, Passion and Raven for $6 each. These handmade rings are modest and easy to style. My personal way is to stack two or three of them together. It’s a low-key technique but always so fun.

Eve and Rosie
Eve and Rosie rings
Eve and Rosie
Python Knuckle Ring

Pythons may be my favourite collection from Eve and Rosie. The coiled swirls remind of actual reptiles wrapped around my fingers. They are beautiful, such a simple statement piece to own that I adore. 

With that said, Pythons are incredibly malleable. There are advantages to this. Transforming them from rings to knuckle rings with just a few squeezes. I like using them as knuckle rings, especially since I can shape it to my fingers. However, I found myself idling and adjusting the pieces as the day went by. That could just be my compulsion to touch rings.

They bend easily but for $6.00 for a stack, I say it’s worth the price.

Eve and Rosie
Accessories from Eve and Rosie

If you're looking for classic and affordable pieces, then I highly recommend Eve and Rosie. It's hard to find local sellers that have pieces that won't break bank. 

The designs are all handmade by the amazing Zahra Zamari. I had the pleasure of sitting down and having coffee with her. It's clear how much time and effort she puts into her business. She adorns all these wires into beautiful accessories. I say this from the heart; I think she's super cool.

So cool that she also accepts requests for custom made items! You can check out Eve and Rosie's shop here that also doubles as their Instagram. If you're in Brunei, you can contact them at +673 8645988. If not, send an email over to eveandrosieonline@gmail.com! They reply fast-well, faster than me. 

So what do you think of Eve & Rosie? What pieces would you get? 

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