As a teenage girl who just turned eighteen a little over week ago, I feel like it is time to give some sage advice. Of course, I am qualified. I have the experience and knowledge of eighteen-hood to tell you things you should listen to. After all, I am an adult.

Please recognise the sarcasm in my writing. 

I have some time to reflect. Childhood, teenagehood, hoods of life. A few things crossed my mind. Things I wish I knew when I was younger. Before becoming an adult, forced to do this and that. Not working or life hacks you can find with a quick google search. I wish I knew these lessons, have them ingrained in my brain. Lessons I wish I was taught when I was younger.

So I've compiled them. These are some things to know before turning 18.

1 | You don't owe anyone an explanation, even if they expect one.

2 | Beauty and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. You can call yourself beautiful and still be smart.

3 | Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Respect that.

4 | Some people are just not worth it. You will realize that after you give them all you're worth.

5 | Always listen, but don't forget to speak up. You have a voice for a reason

6 | You have permission to love yourself with what you have right now.

7 | Staying up late has its perks, but so does sleeping early.

8 | Trying to forgive and forget is noble, but there are some things you try to forgive and can't forget.

9 | You can be happy one day, and sad the next. It doesn't mean you're broken, just human.

10 | I have my own wounds, just like you. Looking at yours won’t heal mine, nor will mine heal yours.

11Everyone needs support, it’s not wrong to call your friend at 2 A.M when you need to scream.

12 | Someone can be your shoulder to cry on, but they cannot become your crutch.

13 | Actions speak louder than words. Words are nice, but actions make you realize how much, or how little, you matter.

14 | Not everyone you meet will like you. Most people you meet don't even like themselves.

15 | Don't victimise yourself when you did wrong, or villainize those who knew nothing.

16 | That 'One Day' may never come. So might as well do it now.

17 | You've got scars that may never heal. Bruises that left marks. Flaws etched into you. Wear them with pride. You fought battles and won.

18 | Above all, just live.

knitted hearts

I am not as well-versed or as melancholically mature as I seem to be. In fact, perhaps I'm just too emotional. Eighteen isn't that important of an age. I tell myself to calm my nerves.

These were just things I collected over time. Quips and sentences among crumpled paper or endless notes. Compiling them into this little article reminds me of what I should do, and should be. I recommend it to everyone. Writing things you want to know, or should have known.


What things should you have known before turning 18?