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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Currently | September 08

Yes. I am wearing a wedding dress.
Yes. I am getting married.
Yes. I am lying.

September was a busy month. I said the same thing about August. Life becomes busier as months carry on. Dressing myself up, dressing people up but now I'm dressed down. In pyjama pants and an ancient velvet jacket with 'Juicy' scrawled across the back.

I vie days like these, when I can breathe for just five minutes. To sit and type, to just relax. Five minutes alone don't last forever. An hour in class does though. Not complaining, just stating.

But here is how my September went!


Friday, 25 September 2015

From A to Z | 26 Facts About Me

I hit 300 followers on Bloglovin!

Well I hope. I fear once this post is up, someone will unfollow me and it will go down to negative million. Then this post will make no sense.

I celebrated my first milestone by listing out Ten Things About Me, and confessing Five Beauty Secrets when I hit 200. I decided this milestone will be a little different. I will list out some random, and completely unnecessary, tidbits from A to Z.

So here are 26 Facts About Me!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Style | Eve And Rosie

I don't wear a lot of accessories. Usually, it's just my wristwatch and perhaps a necklace if I'm feeling fancy. As the year goes on, I found myself looking into more accessories to pair with my clothes. The curse of becoming a fashion victim. Finding excuses to buy pretty products.

Though, I wanted classic and elegant designs. Nothing bold or extravagant, but timeless pieces were hard to find. That's where Eve and Rosie* comes in.

 From rings to bracelets to necklaces, they have such a great selection for girls like me. Broke but still finding ways to look cute. Based in Brunei, they were so kind to send some gorgeous pieces to review.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

MOTD | Simple Natural Makeup Tutorial

Simple Natural Makeup

I get annoyed when someone tells me I should wear natural makeup. As if no one should know I'm wearing makeup. That 'Natural' Beauty. Flawless skin, beautiful brows, luscious lips. 'Try to look more natural,' they tell me. Then they show me a picture of Kylie Jenner and I cackle and gag simultaneously.

That said, I do remember when I was just starting out. When I wanted to look natural, with simple, easy steps that wouldn't take eternity to finish. So here is for those who want just a natural look. Whether you're a beginner, or just finding an easy look...

Here is a makeup tutorial!


Friday, 18 September 2015

Beauty | Daily Skincare Routine

A few people requested a daily skincare routine. It's been long requested since I started this blog. My normal-dry skin doesn't have any exceptional problems. On most days, it's clear and clean with dark circles and milia that I keep in check. 

My mother forced me to follow a skincare regime when I was 12, and I've continued since. I thank her for good genetics and insistence on skincare. She kept my skin clear with three essentials; cleanser, toner, moisturizer. I've expanded my routine since then.

So if you'd like to know what products I use, then keep reading on!


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

OOTD | Old and New Friends

Tell me. Why is it so hard to style shredded boyfriend jeans? 

I spent the bulk of last night with piles of shirts on my bed. My mind organizing this beautiful mess, wondering how to look effortlessly decent. Despite endless scrolling through Pinterest, I found nothing. Boyfriend jeans are tricky. The only baggy jeans I have, and ripped as well. 

Three hours passed and I gave up. I tossed the shirts on my already messy floor, and fell into deep, dead slumber. Shredded Boyfriend Jeans are a beast I cannot defeat.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

MOTD | Electric Hues

Beauty Blogger

Sparks ignite when we collide. Your cobalt eyes pierce through this jilted heart of mine. Let us entwine with coil and wire. Static shocks run through our veins when we set this power ablaze. We conduct jolts, you and I. These jolts to electrocute and execute.

Tell them what we are. We're magnetic, we're voltaic, we're electric.


Friday, 11 September 2015

Makeup | How To Depot Your Lipsticks

how to depot lipsticks

Raise your hand if you're a lipstick hoarder.

From pinks to browns to black, I am a lipstick hoarder through and through. While I have a plethora of shades at my disposal, I don't have the space in my disposal.  My packed lipstick drawer made me realize these lippies needed to shrink if I wanted more.

After much googling and experimenting, I found the best (at least, the easiest) way to do. It's not as hard as it seems. At first.

So here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to depot your lipsticks!


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

OOTD | Anger

Personal Style Hijabi Blogger

Wrath is a powerful tool for destruction. I'll let you bubble and boil. Under the surface of your skin. In the hot breath of your lips. Over the dense judgement of your mind. I'll let you hold your shrieks and screams. The animosity between you and I, it can't be contained.

I'll be there. When hate builds up and that is all you feel. When you look at pretty faces and their pretty lies. When you see beautiful bigots and their bias. When you feel, I'll be there. I am Anger. The anger in you. I will make you suffer. I will make you scream. I will drive you insane.

I am a powerful tool for destruction.


Friday, 4 September 2015

18 Things to Know Before Turning 18

As a teenage girl who just turned eighteen a little over week ago, I feel like it is time to give some sage advice. Of course, I am qualified. I have the experience and knowledge of eighteen-hood to tell you things you should listen to. After all, I am an adult.

Please recognise the sarcasm in my writing. 

I have some time to reflect. Childhood, teenagehood, hoods of life. A few things crossed my mind. Things I wish I knew when I was younger. Before becoming an adult, forced to do this and that. Not working or life hacks you can find with a quick google search. I wish I knew these lessons, have them ingrained in my brain. Lessons I wish I was taught when I was younger.

So I've compiled them. These are some things to know before turning 18.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Currently | August 07

August has been a busy month. 

Exams, birthdays, work. I didn't have enough time to blog, or even go online most days. For the past month, I was a hermit hidden in my bedroom with horrible thoughts of papers due and examinations to review. In layman's terms, I was studying.

Thankfully, exams are over for now. Another two months before my real determines-my-future exams begin. So, let's catch up!

Here's what I've been doing in August!
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