Cuff me. I have conformed to society.

My friends will tell you I dislike Zalora. That's not true, I just have a mild disinterest.Their geurilla marketing last year had irked me so I avoided it, having no opinion. However, many of my friends swear by it. Their constant praise intrigued me.

What can I say? I got curious. 

Zalora is South East Asia's online fashion destination. It must be true, it's written in the bag shipped. It has gained popularity in Brunei, used by my friends.

I bought five items from Zalora. During one of their sales, I found a 25% discount code when rummaging through the internet. Though there was problem with shipping on my part. Misspelling my friend's address, but emailed them about the mishap the next day. Fortunately, it arrived within a week which still impresses me.

So here are the pieces I got!

Never did I think I would become one who squealed when they saw a cute pair of shoes. With that said, look at these shoes! Look at these gorgeous babies!

My dad likes to poke fun of my height, even though he's only half an inch taller than me. As a way to feel superior, I have started to wear heels more often and walk beside him. I gain a grand sense of Schadenfreude. I may not be able to grow five inches but I can wear five inch heels.

Sentini Lace Up Wedge Boots | I love boots. I have always loved boots. My favourite pair have worn out so I decided to get these pair of wedges. I've been wearing these shoes for the past week, comfortable to wear on long days out. Unfortunately, I can't help but feel rubbery in these shoes.

Zalora High Heel Platforms Pumps | To fill my basic closet quota, I got a pair of black pumps. The heel confuses me. It's thinner than I expected and patchy for some reason. Though it doesn't bother me, it was unexpected. I haven't worn these yet, I haven't felt the need to dress up.

Yes, I am aware all the items I bought are black. This is justified because black is a perfect colour for any occasion, and I like black. To get basic pieces was my intention when scrolling throught the site. Bright, colourful clothes rarely tickle my fancy. Basic black on the other hand...

Something Borrowed Abby Super Stretch Basic Jeans | I have four pairs of denim jeans with the same cut. Apparently, this is 'boring' and I should get a pair in black, at the very least. So I did. These jeans are fine, but the button is loose. I'm worried it may fall off at any moment.

Mango Basic Sweater | I enjoy sweaters. But that I live in a place where if I wear them out, I sweat like a sinner in church. Which makes this Mango sweater perfect. The cotton blend is surprisingly thin but warm. Perfect for the wet-hot weather we're always getting here.

Zalora Basics 1/2 Sleeve Skater Dress | This dress should have been my favourite piece. It's versatile and comfortable. Not too long, not too short. I should be able to wear this in many way. 'Should' is the operative word here, because this dress is too big. I'm screaming internally and eternally.

Overall, I was not disappointed by the website and the clothes received. One could argue that the quality is just fine, but my low expectations were exceeded. I may use the website again, if another sale occurs (which is often). 

Or when I feel sad and online shopping becomes another way to cope with crushing reality. Either way, I'll buy black.

So have you tried out Zalora yet? What's your favourite online store?