Striped Dress and Jacket H&M

The tragically beautiful sister of the beautifully tragic girl.

Oh sweet Nessarose. She looks up to those beneath her. She wishes to walk but can only crawl. Her dresses so crisp, and eyes so bright. Stuck in her black and white and red world. In love with a man made of tin with no heart to give. Alone and loveless here, that poor little Nessarose.

That Nessarose - she brought the house down.
Jacket H&MBash Harry

Nessarose is a character from Gregory Maguire's Wicked based on The Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch of the East, sister to Elphaba. She dies before the show ends. A small but vital role, and the first character I played on stage, when I was just fifteen in 2012. It was a production from a local society, one I'm still involved in to this day.

There's a funny story to this dress. I call it my 'Nessarose' dress even though I've only worn it once since I bought it. I say it lovingly. It makes me sentimental for yesterdays. When black and white stripes, and red meant 'fashionable' to me. Emphasis on fashionable to highlight sarcasm.

I was lucky to visit New York last year in the cusp of spring. Earlier that day, I strolled through Times Square with excitement rousing in me. The country-girl-in-big-city malady overcame it. I went to stores without buying, just staring at the clean tiles and glaring shopkeepers. In one of these stores, H&M, I found this dress.

Love at first sight. A dress inspired by Nessarose than a recreation. I bought it, and wore it that night to watch Wicked on Broadway for the first time. Mascara-ruining tears streamed down my face. So whenever I glaze over this dress in my closet, I think of Wicked and the impact it had on me.

This may be the only article of clothing I have with sentimental value. It's my dress. My Nessarose dress.

Shawl : Shawlbyvsnow | Dress : H&M | Jacket : H&M

I received my AS results this week. Overall, I didn't hate them, which is the best thing I can say. Though the thought of the dreaded letters irked me for the past few months, I am happy with my results and relieved that I can put all my focus into my A Levels now. Which will be in a few months' time.

Yes, you may shoot me with a bow and arrow now. I probably will. 

Do you have any clothes with sentimental value? A story behind it? Oh, I'd love to know!