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OOTD | Sweet Nessarose

Striped Dress and Jacket H&M

The tragically beautiful sister of the beautifully tragic girl.

Oh sweet Nessarose. She looks up to those beneath her. She wishes to walk but can only crawl. Her dresses so crisp, and eyes so bright. Stuck in her black and white and red world. In love with a man made of tin with no heart to give. Alone and loveless here, that poor little Nessarose.

That Nessarose - she brought the house down.
Jacket H&MBash Harry

Nessarose is a character from Gregory Maguire's Wicked based on The Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch of the East, sister to Elphaba. She dies before the show ends. A small but vital role, and the first character I played on stage, when I was just fifteen in 2012. It was a production from a local society, one I'm still involved in to this day.

There's a funny story to this dress. I call it my 'Nessarose' dress even though I've only worn it once since I bought it. I say it lovingly. It makes me sentimental for yesterdays. When black and white stripes, and red meant 'fashionable' to me. Emphasis on fashionable to highlight sarcasm.

I was lucky to visit New York last year in the cusp of spring. Earlier that day, I strolled through Times Square with excitement rousing in me. The country-girl-in-big-city malady overcame it. I went to stores without buying, just staring at the clean tiles and glaring shopkeepers. In one of these stores, H&M, I found this dress.

Love at first sight. A dress inspired by Nessarose than a recreation. I bought it, and wore it that night to watch Wicked on Broadway for the first time. Mascara-ruining tears streamed down my face. So whenever I glaze over this dress in my closet, I think of Wicked and the impact it had on me.

This may be the only article of clothing I have with sentimental value. It's my dress. My Nessarose dress.

Shawl : Shawlbyvsnow | Dress : H&M | Jacket : H&M

I received my AS results this week. Overall, I didn't hate them, which is the best thing I can say. Though the thought of the dreaded letters irked me for the past few months, I am happy with my results and relieved that I can put all my focus into my A Levels now. Which will be in a few months' time.

Yes, you may shoot me with a bow and arrow now. I probably will. 

Do you have any clothes with sentimental value? A story behind it? Oh, I'd love to know!


  1. Girl this look is all kinds of stunning, this is by far my favourite outfit of yours. I love the pop of color the shawl adds to this monochrome outfit. Your makeup is on point and I adore your lip colour. The skirt/dress makes you look super tall as well, great photography. My brown midi-skirr holds sentimental value to me, I've had it since I was 9 years, my mom got it for me while we were living in Israel and it's still in amazing condition.

    Princess Audu

  2. Hello, and congrats on your results. Great look!

  3. What lipstick is it? It's amazing !! x

  4. Stunning bash! You are a piece of art! Love the outfit and mashallah the hijab looks so beautiful on you!


  5. i love the red lipstick your wearing it looks perfect on you :) x x

  6. I have no clothes of sentimental value. I generally just throw them out when they piss me off. lol
    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love the dress, it's so perfect for Nessarose. Wicked had a huge impact on my life as well, it's the show that really got me into theatre ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  8. This is SO gorgeous!!! I love how the lipstick and hijab match, like, perfectly. Stunning.

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories

  9. You are so pretty! I love the look and how your scarf matches your lipstick! Which lipstick is it? It is stunning x

  10. Gorgeous dress! This entire look is stunning. But hey, it's you wearing it so of course it will be!!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  11. I love the maxi skirt trend with a jumper for Autumn! I love the colour combos in what you're wearing :)

    Pop over to my blog :)


  12. This colour combination is so stunning. You're such a babe! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  13. 1. that outfit is gorgeous and I want it (just like all your other outfits)

    2. your makeup looks amazing like how

    3. I used to own this red tee that said "do not read my shirt" and then, in smaller letters at the bottom, read "you little rebel". I wore it often and always got comments on it, and I just loved the sass of it. I don't know if that's what you meant by "sentimental value" but I know I was near tears when I grew out of it.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  14. Good luck on your A-levels! You'll do great!

    Also, love the story of the Nessarose dress. Wow. I've wanted to watch Wicked for the longest time (especially when it came out with Idina Menzel), but I never got around to it. I love the book, though! ♡

  15. I love this look. One of the only scarves I have is a maroon one and I love pairing it with all-black outfits. There's just something beautiful about its scarlet color mixed with black.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  16. Lovely photos! You are absolutely stunning!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  17. Congrats on the good marks doll! I love this look, I need to know what that shade of lipstick is GORGEOUS!


  18. This is a really pretty and chic look! Well done on your AS results Bash! :D


  19. Awesome jacket! I reaaally want a leather one, too. X!

  20. Applause, Bash!! Chapeau! Let me tell you how captivating your personality is... And your styling is absolutely fashionable! You know me, I love black and your re shawl is the red cherry on top. Looking graceful and elegant, love!

    xoxo Ira

  21. Unreal how you write and how you look. That first photo is a killer shot! Great photography and model.

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

  22. Hey Bash, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog lately, my pleasure :) I've never experienced Wicked live, I would love to but I'm also so very much into the charm of the old "The Wizzard of Oz", I even did a Dorothy style post once ;) So your outfit - I love it, it proves one can never go wrong with a leather jacket, black and white stripes and some oxblood red - thumbs up, and it's nice to get to know the story behind an item, that what makes a thing even more special :)

  23. Love the outfit, you look flawless!

  24. Wow!!! Absolutely stunning <3 Love the lip color.

  25. Your dress is lovely. For me, the most sentimental piece of clothing that I have is a jacket that looks like a coat I had when I was very young. Every time I wear it, I feel like myself 10 years ago.

  26. I love the look, you look so chic and beautiful! And I love the makeup as well, that lipstick is amazing!
    Have a nice day! xx

  27. I love the colors in this, they're perfect for fall! Burgundy and black is always a go to for me.

    It's so interesting reading the stories behind clothing! While I don't have anything that reminds me of a specific moment, I have a fair amount of comfort clothing - clothes that just make me feel better and more confident!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  28. You are gorgeous! I love the outfit you put together and that lipstick is beautiful!

    Musings & More

  29. Simply stunning from head to toe, what an incredibly beautiful look dear!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  30. You are stunning and this outfit is so lovely, the colours remind me of autumn! :)

  31. This outfit is so gorgeous and elongating! I haven't read Wicked, but I've watched the musical. Most clothes that hold sentimental value to me are t-shirts :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  32. You're looking so fabulous! I love your chic blog.:)
    I'm following you now on Bloglovin and GFC. Could you do the same? xx

    Marianne // Picture Me

  33. Hey, great post! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know when you do so that I can follow you back!
    Stay in touch. :)

    Love Avisha x

  34. you look so pretty, your make up is on point and so is the look! xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  35. Well done on your AS levels! That's such a lovely story, I like sentimental pieces. I would love to see Wicked one day x

    Josie’s Journal

  36. Lovely! There are definitely a few pieces I've hung onto purely for their sentimental value - like the pink shirt I wore on my first day of Kindergarten, it's ridiculous and old and clearly doesn't fit but I just can't bring myself to toss it! x

  37. Perfect! I don't know who the character is, but I guess you portrayed it perfectly. The dress is a unique statement. I love your make up here, especially the lipstick <3

    Dice, '96 Wild Heart
    Facebook | Instagram | Bloglovin

  38. Gorgeous outfit hon well put together, you look very beautiful, but all I seem to be looking at is your lips, I'm in love with your lip color, What is it?

  39. The dress looks amazing on interesting to read the story behind it!
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

  40. I really like your dress and what about your question I think that many of us have something with sentimental value, I haven't had idea that you performed in plays, it had to be great experience :)

  41. Isn't it amazing how an event would shape how we feel about something, someone or somewhere. Its super cute and looks very comfy. I'd be wearing the heck out of it if it were mine, :))). You look so good in it.

  42. You are so beautiful!

    Hope you have a wonderful new week ahead of you!
    With love, Suzy ♥


  43. Replies
    1. *you're
      OMG I can't believe I made that mistake hahaha

  44. The outfit is lovely, especially the sentiment behind it, but oh gosh I was so focused on your makeup! That makeup, that makeup, that makeup!! Love it! How do you keep the dark lip color from bleeding? I love dark lips, but I feel like I'm constantly touching them up throughout the night.


  45. I've only ever seen the movie so I am racking my brain trying to remember if this witch is mentioned but I don't think she is. I'm not sure and I'll probably be thinking about it all night too


  46. WOW!!!! This is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm obsessed with this look from head to toe!!! Perfect!

    xx Olivia

  47. You're beauty is ethereal in these photos...simply stunning! And I love the lipstick! :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  48. Gorgeous combo of burgundy listick, biker jacket and dress with stripes! You look fabulous!


  49. Oh my goodness, I love love love your style.

    Super chic.

  50. Love your story about this outfit! It definitely makes it that much more special.

    Such a sweet beach look. Your post reminds me that I need to visit more watering spots before it starts to get cool! :D

    <3 Trou
    The Peculiar Trouth

  51. You are so gorgeous!! I love your dress, it's beautiful! :)


  52. Absolutely flawless Bash! Damn that makeup is so good!

  53. edgy!! love it :)

    kisses from dubai ♥

  54. stunning !! :) you look absolutely great ! :)
    please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  55. you look perfect!! *__*
    i love your make-up too!

    Alice's Pink Diary

  56. OMG! you look beautiful I swear I fell in love with your make up and your outfit as well. Omg and your eyeliner is on point. You look stunning I wish I could do my make up like that. <3

    Lou of, Steal the Style

  57. Love the skirt :) Kiss from France, Sand.

  58. Gorgeous!! You look absolutely stunning!

    xo, mikéla /

  59. You look amazing, Bash! I really love you leather jacket. :)

    - Joyce |

  60. You look amazing! This outfit is beautiful.

  61. I adore those colours, and the maroon is just a perfect hue for you.
    Natalie Lines Blog // new post LAKE COMO

  62. Wow, you are gorgeous and WORKING IT! I absolutely love this ensemble and the lipstick just lookssogreatonyoudammit!



  63. you look so lovely! very beautiful outfit and accessories dear!
    would you like to follow each other on gfc? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it.


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