Not that kind of Birthday Suit.

A few weeks ago, My family had a collective birthday party. I mentioned in My Letters to my siblings that we're all born in August. Not only that, my grandmothers and a handful of cousins are born in August. So we celebrated everyone's birthday in just one day! The Sunday before exams to be exact.

Champagnes would be popping but I don't drink nor am I eighteen yet.

There was no plan to this, rushing through and picking up pieces suitable for hot weather. I was late for the birthday at my own house. Though I blame taking too long painting my nails black that I removed five minutes later. I'm not a nail polish person, with a tendency to pick and peel the polish no matter what.

Most of these pieces I've already featured somewhere over in this blog. These were my favourite items that I always seem to wear. My cat hat from I Have Internet and the t-shirt from Cool Kid. This is one of four shirts I currently own deemed 'cool enough to reappear.' 

The shirt is a hand-me-down, thrifted and given, which is a plus for girls who spend too much on black dresses and yarn than blouses like these. I have a tendency to turn shirts into cardigans, it's such a fun way to dress up a casual look.

 I had just recieved the Something Borrowed jeans and shoes from Sentini, through Zalora here. This was my second time wearing them, and the shoes have become a staple of mine. I adore boots, and they are so comfortable for everyday wear. If only I could say the same about the jeans.

Not sure if you can see carefully but there's henna on my hand! My friend, Saima does henna and makes such beautiful, intricate designs. She's absolutely amazing at henna, especially when she does it on my hands. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of it. My apologies to henna enthusiasts but hopefully you can see it clear enough.

My sister still reminds me how we're both the same age since I won't be turning eighteen until the 25th. Yet I still celebrated two weeks early, for the sake of time and cost efficiency but still. Celebrating early felt rushed and awkward. Even though I have done so several times over the years. Maybe it's the age approaching.

After all, eighteen is an important number.

Eighteen is adulthood, officially and legally and socially. Eighteen is the beginning of the end of my youth, and the beginning of young adulthood. Eighteen is growing up, and facing the grown up world.

Eyes have been glued to the clock, counting down until it strikes twelve every night. Hitting that sweet age fills that gap between teenagehood and adulthood. Still able to call myself a teenager but looked upon as a young adult, expected to be mature in action but poor in wisdom. It's a bad combination waiting to combust.

Hat : (similar) | Shirt : (thrifted) | T-Shirt : Uniqlo
Necklaces : (similar) & (similarWatch : Casio
Jeans : Something Borrowed | Shoes : Sentini

But hey, I've got one more paper to focus on and five more days to wallow in melancholy. I'll have plenty of time succumbing to eighteen and wondering what it entails. Eighteen is just a number, and a birthday is just a day. One that I, admittedly, look forward to every year.

I'm happy that I get to spend it with people I love. My family, friends and those in between. Spending time with them on the special day brings me joy.

So how do you usually spend your birthday?