Happy Eid Al-Fitr everyone! 

Or as I would usually say it, Selamat Hari Raya! 

A celebration for the end of Ramadhan, where we dress up, visit houses and celebrate. It's such a great time, and many cultures celebrate it differently. In Brunei, we dress up in traditional garb, Baju Kurung but now, it's more like Baju Fesyen. It's unique and culture-bound, that some may be unaware of. 

So here are my three outfits for three days of Eid! 

Fire and Blood

I set hearts on fire. Light them with the strike of a match. Watch them ignite in cardinal flames. A bewitched beauty to behold. They burn so bright and so bold. Then crumble into ash, crashing down against cold grounds. I set hearts on fire. Never did I realize I would be charred black.

Shawl : (similar) | Top : Lenalee Designs | Beadwork : (Mom)  Skirt : Dian Serra
Shoes : Summit | Bracelets & Necklace : (Mother's) | Bag : Ferrigamo

Guys. I have a cape now. I'm basically Batman.

I understand that the proper term is 'Batwing Top.' However, I prefer the cooler alternative, Batman Cape. I couldn't contain my excitement when I found out it was a cape. We bought the top in plain black. My mom did the beadwork, sewing in the embellishments. It is an unspoken requirement for Raya dresses to have beads somewhere. Though, I will remove them once Eid is over.    

I paired the dress with MN Liquid Lipstick in #33, a dark red shade that I have fallen for. This goth look provoked many relatives to claim that I came out of Twilight. Though, in this context, I did not consider it an insult. 

Since families are expected to match, my mother co-ordinated accordingly. The best clothes are worn on the first day and the colour motif was red and black. Dresses pressed and hanged on display the night before so the next morning would be a swift breeze. 

Once my siblings and I were dressed, we decided to take a few photos. Well, we tried to. We don't seem to photograph well together, which disappoints my mother. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Cool Neutrals

You were so cool to me, and I was so good to you. Yet time has made contenders out of us. Old smiles frozen in distant memory and empty goodbyes remain. Go cry war, but I will still stand. Take the first step, but I will not recede. Raise your banners, but I will not draw my blade. The pen, after all, is mightier than the sword.   

 Shawl : Asha Karim Collection | Sunglasses : Raybans | Dress : Made to Measure 
Beadwork : (Mom) | Shoes : Louis Vuitton | Bracelets & Necklaces : (Mom's) 

We decided to go simple on the second day of Eid. The simple blue dress was different shades of blue, subtle enough to be a surprise. My mother, being ever amazingly resourceful, had sown the beads in the hemline. Giving it a more personal touch.

The shawl from Asha Karim Collection is my favourite piece. I'm not a fan of overbearing shawls, but this was gorgeous. A basic beige shawl with various stripes of brown and blue sequins sown in. 

Fun trivia for this day is that I wore bronzer for the first time in forever. If you read my Five Beauty Confessions, you know that I hate bronzer. My sister convinced me to, stating it would match the general colour scheme. I relented. 

Also, babies.

My favourite part of Eid is not the food, or the nice clothes. It is the children I get to meet. My nieces and nephews, cousins that I might only see once a year. I adore children, playing with them during Eid. It just makes your day when they smile that toothless grin.

SunButt wanted to be involved in photo-taking. He laid down on the patio, ignoring the camera pointed at him. He's a stray ginger with an ass so big and yellow, it eclipses the sun. For a stray, he's an awfully pampered boy. Lying down with his belly for us to scratch and purring against our legs. Our actual cat, Jon Snow, is jealous.

 Blue Hues

We have deprived the ocean. How it begs and pleads for just one small glance. Its waves wash over us, tongues lapping against our bodies. It wants to drown us. Flood our lungs with tears from wasted time and idle patience. The ocean is vast, but limits itself in fear and love.   

Shawl : (KL Expo) | Dress : Dian Serra | Beadwork : (Mom) 
Bracelets & Necklace : (Mom) | Watch : Casio

Long. Everything about this outfit was long.

The dress was long, a good six inches was touching the floor. The shawl was long, reaching my waist. It almost makes me miss having long hair. Almost. As much fun as it was for the fabric to sway against the wind, hair not getting caught in branches still triumphs.

Like the first two outfits, my mother did the beadwork. Unlike her useless daughter, she is exceptionally good with her fingers. Able to crochet, sew and bead since she was my age. With that said, I can type fast. Which evens it out in my opinion.

Also, more babies. 

The day is not over until I have held at least one baby. That is the rule I have pertained to during Eid, which is surprisingly easy since Brunei is filled to the brim with newborns. I am conforming to a stereotype because I absolutely love children, and I think they love me too. At least, Baby Deli does. She is delicious. 

The first three days of Eid is packed. House hopping, snack binge-ing, awkward silences. By nightfall, energy dwindles down to the bare minimum before we drop dead on our beds. Still, we had a grand ol' time. We're exhausted, we're stuffed, but we're grand.

Even if you don't celebrate Eid, I hope you had a fantastic weekend whether you visited friends or stayed at home. My long weekend was wonderful, if you could see from my Instagram. Good food, good company and goodness all around. 

So how was your weekend?