I bought a new camera recently.

I received my honorarium a few days ago, then spent it all on this gorgeous camera. A Fujifilm X-T10 in Silver that looks like it came from an antique shop. It is a huge investment that my wallet hates. I could spend ages praising it, but that is another post for another time.

After a few days of toggling and tweaking, figuring out the basics, I decided to bring it out and take a few photos around the town. By a few photos, I mean mostly of my outfit.

The sufficient number of outfit posts on Bash Says Hey suggests I should stop lamenting about my lack of style. 

I do have some sort of eclectic style. Though I'm still figuring out what it is, as simple and basic as it may be. A plethora of style quizzes have only established that I still have remnants of that goth/emo phrase. It is still waiting for me to relapse through clothes.

Perhaps that is why I consider this my greatest garb styled. It embodied a collection of my favourite aesthetics. Black, stripes, copacetic accessories. The innate need to look cooler than the harsh truth of my eccentricities. Though my personal style is still unidentified, I like to think of this as a starting point.

I scurried around my room, picking up clothes that I loved but haven't worn in ages. An oversized button down passed down from my mother. Black and white gingham jeggings worn twice. Nude heels bought on sale but never worn. Hell, I've only used this clutch once to a party even though it's gorgeous.

How fascinating it is to find treasures in the cave called the closet.

Shawl : (similar) | Shirt : Uniqlo | Oversized Button Down : (similar)
Jeggings : Uniqlo | Shoes : Prada | Clutch : Kate Spade 
Bracelets : Aldo | Nose Ring : DIY | Necklace : (similar)

So, with my outfit ready and camera charged, I had an adventure with my younger sister and brother.

We traveled around our little town while our baby sister baked cookies at our cousins' house. It was supposed to be just my sister and me. However, my brother decided a day carrying our bags was slightly less miserable than staying at home without power. Overall, it was a wonderful day with my siblings. 

There were many events on Sunday. A Syawal Collection hosted by Royal Brunei Airlines and Collective Arts, like their Collective Arts Festival in May. A Raya Festival hosted by Artsyglam and Sweet Indulgence By F&Z

We visited these festivals, with the intention of purchasing some items. We met some incredible vendors, selling products from food to fashion to pillows. I picked up a few items, knowing I would regret it if I didn't. 

Much walking was involved. By the time we broke fast, "At least I look cute," was my mantra to keep moving even though my feet ached. All in the name of searching what my style is.

So while I'm still figuring that out, I have to ask. What's your personal style? What outfits make you feel good?