I go to a sixth form college. My school, PTEM recently had our annual Hari Raya Aidilfitri event. A celebration for the end of Ramadhan and the only time we get to dress up in clothes other than our crisp white uniforms. In short, it’s the closest we will ever get to an actual prom, sans dancing, partying and all that hullabaloo.

This annual event makes us dress to the nines, in bright colourful outfits. There were so many beautiful ladies and fine-looking gents around the school. These were those that caught my attention, but certainly not all of them.

So here is PTEM's Best Dressed (from a small pool of people) 

It's fascinating how much of Brunei's fashion is so ingrained in culture and vice versa. Girls dressed in Baju Kurung and its variations. Take for example, Izzat and Ummi. 

Izzat looks so beautiful in blue, and floral shawl. Geometric and intricate patterns are usually found in Baju Kurung, which makes each unique but similar in their own way.

Ummi's lace red dress was stunning. I loved her pleated skirt and how it trails down, just as much as I loved Ling Ling's monochromatic outfit. I'm a sucker for black and white. With the little designs on her skirt and top, I intend on stealing it.

Boys can be stylish too. Bash writes hesitantly.

Yes, the identified males dress in traditional Malay attire. Baju Melayu come in different colours and styles, as presented proudly by Arif, Ibrahim, Malik and Waie. Usually with a Songkok, A sinjang, and loose tunic.

With that in mind, Syazwan looked dapper in this popular azure colour. I don't think I can comment any further on men's fashion. I can barely discuss women's. How am I suppose to discuss men's?

Capes are popular this year. I expressed my excitement when I wore one on the Three Days of Eid. Here, Amal, Wiah and Izzah showed theirs off. Whether using creams or blacks, I hope capes may transition into daily wear. Seriously, let's just become Batmans.

Floral remain a a popular piece, but Sakinah uses it to create a delicate and feminine outfit of the day. The different shades of pink look wonderful on her.Very, very rosy.

The Peplum trend from last year still lives on strong. Both Mimie and Sakinah wore variations of the style to the event. While Mimie wore it with an baby floral design, Sakinah went bold in black with a pop of pink. You can find similar peplum dresses in Zalora here

I contemplated whether I should put this girl in. 

On one hand, I loved her dress. It's one of my favourites. The subtle lace details over black, with a green shawl. I would wear it, channeling my inner goth kid. On the other hand, I don't know her name.

How embarrassing it is to take photos of a girl who's name has escaped me. 

One of my friends who forced me to feature him was Hafiz.

He decided to go with Barbie scheme, pairing his baby blue shirt with a baby pink Sinjang. In the same place, I found Rara and Adi, dressed in sublime red. Red is such a popular colour this year.

Another dress that caught my eye was Dayah's. I genuinely thought it was leather at first, but it was just the fabric. She designed the piece herself, looking at her favourite designs and compiling the details before sending it to the tailor's. This didn't need fancy lace, or beading. Suffice to say, Dayah looked incredible.

Last and probably the least, here’s what I wore to the Raya celebration. 

I'm not a bright floral person. I enjoy darker clothes like this dress. For the most part, it’s basic with no beads or unique cuts seen. That is why I loved it so much. From Calvin Thoo’s Ready-To-Wear Lace Collection, the lace pattern catches the eye without the requirement of beads and unique cuts. 

A beauty in its simplicity.

I wore Louis Vuitton wedges at the insistence of my mother (even though heels were banned), then stole Rara's extra lipstick to apply. It was Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Shameless. Which is exactly how I felt, walking around the school in purple lipstick and six inches of illegal heels.

The whole event was exhausting. I had fun, but perhaps I would have had more fun if I wasn’t walking everywhere in six inch wedges. With my feet sore, it was the day I accepted that I will get cankles  by thirty.

I desperately wish I could take more photos and discuss more about the event. Clothes are a part of the culture, but culture makes the clothes. This is where Nadia's blog, Nutmegazine comes in! She did an event piece for the whole celebration which you can find at nutmegazine.wordpress.com here.

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So anyway, which outfit is your favourite?