I've been busy. Very, very busy.

For what can be considered the first time ever, life has taken flight. Eid, school, teenage trifling. Life lately has been confusing, tiring but passing. It's as if I'm living, and I'm not quite sure if I know how to. So blogging became the least of my priorities. For that, I'm sorry.

But if you're still interested to know, here's what I've been doing in July...

Doing | The past week has been focused on my Mock Exams. Studying with dust-covered books and mechanical pencils. I have essays to write, passages to analyze, knowledge to hold. I'm not complaining at all. I like to think I'm good at studying, if I have the effort to.

Watching | I watched Ant-Man and Paper Towns recently. Ant-Man exceeded my expectations, laughing harder than I thought I would. The actors carried the film well, which makes it more human than most Marvel movies. I did a semi-review on Paper Towns here where I explored its themes on idealization.

Listening | I'm one of those terrible people who doesn't listen to the Top 40 Radio. Yes, my hipster glasses are on. Once the Fifty Shades of Sexual Abuse hype died down, I finally had a listen to 'Love Me Like You Do.' I have yet to listen to the original though, Andie Case's cover has been blasting in my ear instead.

Loving | It's Eid right now. The festivities has been more than exhausting. I visited houses every day with unlimited cakes and a never-ending fountain of drinks. One of my favourite days was when I visited friends all over Brunei with the Seedlings. I'm disappointed my camera died halfway through due to people's obsession with portrait photography. (Selfies)

Making | A black beanie. I knit too many beanies, because they are an easy way to pass the time. My justification this time is I don't have a beanie in black. I have beanies in purple, grey and green but not black. And everyone needs a little black in their life.

Planning | So, so many posts made in advance. Because of the examinations, I'm currently writing and taking photos in bulk. At least then, this blog won't be dead when I have exams. I would much rather have consistency in everything I do, blogging included.

Reading | Two books that has been lying on my shelf for weeks that I have to read now. The Go-Between by L.P Hartley and Homer's The Odyssey. I have to read The Go-Between for English Literature. The Odyssey, and its Greek Mythos, intrigue me. It defined story-telling, bringing in new themes and tropes that we may not realize.

July was busy, and I know August will only get busier as exams approach. Fun thing to note, My birthday is on the last day of exams. Yes, I will be turning Eligible Eighteen. Which is bittersweet. I already feel old, but not wise.

But since next month, I will put most focus on my papers. I will go back to posting twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday. I need to put my blinds on and start studying intensely now. July was busy, but it was a breeze. 

So how was your July?