Hey, I'm Bash. Let's start over.

I’m seventeen, slightly manic and a little neurotic but in a cute way. Formerly good at lots of things, unsure of many things. I have a tendency to work hard on things that will fail. There are just a lot of things.

For over a year now, I have been blogging on Bash Says Hey. Though I only began producing acceptable work in January. Ever since then, I had been contemplating several things. Should get my own domain? Change to WordPress? Update my theme? An endless list of what to do but never did until now.

So welcome to Hey Bash!

It was a decision I mused over for some time. It is easy for some people. Pay with their cards, and have their domain ready and set in two hours. Some people don't even bother with domains. That .blogspot or .wordpress in their blog addresses didn't bother them.

Yet, it bothered me.

I groaned every time I saw the URL, when I heard the soft scoffs of adults when I mention my website. As if it was a hobby that a child created because she was bored. While that was true, I hated being that child.

The implications of buying a domain stuck with me. Everything would become official. I could call myself a blogger without cringing. I could direct someone to my website without that sound emitting from their throats. I could have something to call my own. Purchasing a domain meant that blogging was a real thing. Not just hobby I created because I was bored.

That terrified me. Having my own domain name meant permanence. An unspoken promise to continue blogging for as long as the domain remained. Though I consider myself a committed person, loyal to a fault, that's insane in the membrane. Like I said, I tend to work hard on things that will fail. An accepted cycle in life. Does this mean blogging would become one of these things?

Wondering and pondering over this question didn't stop me though. It didn't stop me from purchasing a domain, or taking days to configure everything, or write this post. I would rather try and fail, and repeat the cycle than to have never tried.

Hey Bash is a little different but mostly the same.

Some things are different. The name has changed, with a new responsive design and with more content produced I'm proud of. Some things remain the same. Still on Blogger where most posts still live, and my face is still human enough to show online. Also, Hey and Bash is still in the title.

I cannot lie and claim I did it all by myself. Google helped. Hours spent scrolling through forums, figuring out what was wrong and what could be right. My cousin, Izuana guided me through everything. She is an amazing tech blogger who explained the computer details that I have long forgotten. Thank you so much!

Updating domains was harder than planned. I did not execute it as smoothly as I should have. Thank goodness to Batman, everything sorted itself out. Now, I may take that hot cup of tea I’ve been waiting a month to drink.

Yes, Ramadhan is over! It's Eid Al-Fitr now! A month of dressing up pretty, visiting family & friends, and gorging ourselves with mounds of food. Long days hopping from house-to-house is how I’m spending the next week. 

If you’d like to see how I celebrate Eid, you can follow me on Instagram. I will have some Eid posts coming up soon on Hey Bash, so follow me on bloglovin’ to catch up!

I hope this transition to Hey Bash is as exciting for you as it is for me! Probably not, but hey! Happy Eid Al-Fitr! 

So what do you think of Hey Bash?