It seemed like eons ago when Dresslink approached me, asking whether I would like to collaborate with them. So I browsed through the site, curious. The first thing you would notice is the wide range of clothes and accessories for the ridiculously cheap. 

Many, many bloggers have worked with them to mixed-to-positive reviews. Some enjoyed the experience, some did not. I would be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical at first. My mother convinced me to give it a try. 

So I picked a few of my favourite pieces from the site to show you.

1 | Patterned Collared Blouse

What I would give to have a pair of spiked platform boots. They may not be practical or necessary, but they look like they could kill a man and that's all I need. Imagine stabbing him with the heel while looking cute to boot. Perfect.

Once the pieces ordered have arrived, I'll try to write a comprehensive review on Dresslink. It's a polarizing website, and I would like to be honest and upfront about my thoughts on it. Still, if you're looking for online store with a plethora of clothes, then you should check out Dresslink.

So have you heard about Dresslink? What do you think about the site?