Rating : 4/5

I've collected a handful of Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks to review, dating back from my first haul in June. I don't like to review products of any kind unless I feel like I've used them enough. Suffice to say, a year is a good amount of time to use products.

Just like its sister brand Essence, Catrice is a hit-or-miss brand. Their mascaras are a dream but their eyeliners are crap. Their foundations are amazing but their concealers are horrid. They are either the best or the worst products on a budget. Their lipsticks are no different.

Thank goodness, their Ultimate Colour collection is fantastic. 

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 050 Princess Peach

An orange-peachy lipstick that baffles me, being my least favourite in the collection. Princess Peach is a coral shade with a warm undertone and a creamy finish. Wearing this lipstick gives the illusion of tanner skin which many fancy but not me.

While it is still opaque, I found this one to be the most sheer and looks messy and muddy. However, blotting tissues would clear that right up. This lipstick works best on those with darker skin as a bright pop of orange for a warm Summer Day.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 140 Pinker-bell

If Nicki Minaj made a lipstick for Barbie, it would be Pinker-bell. Bright, loud, and fun, Pinker-bell is a strong fuchsia pink with specks of glitter. It has a shiny and glossy finish that gives your lips an almost purple/blue glow.

It's definitely a 'look at me, I'm so exciting!' colour in the best way possible. Eye-catching and attention-seeking, and almost perfect. Almost. Due to the finish, it lacks in longevity and smudges easily. 

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 160 Tell Me A Berry-tale

My absolute favourite shade from the entire collection. I use it so often that it's almost finished. Tell Me A Berry-Tale is a deep plum berry shade that blurs the line between red and purple perfectly. It's dark, brooding, and absolutely fantastic.

This lipstick would suit everyone, from dark to tan to light. Dark purples suit everyone, even if it may seem a little scary. If you want a purple lipstick that isn't too dark for the day, it works just as nice as a stain.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 360 MATTraction

The most recent addition to my growing collection. Just like the name implies, MATTraction has a matte finish. It's a gorgeous dark rosy-pink with a cool red undertone that looks nothing like the the tube it came out of. 

It lasts the longest among the rest, at almost four hours without reapplication. It's perfect for both day and night wear for any season. It's makes me feel classy and fancy, even though I have neither.

Princess Peach | Pinker-Bell
Tell Me A Berry-Tale | MATTraction

The formulas for these lipsticks in the Ultimate Colour collection are incredible. Creamy, thick and rich in pigment. With proper application, they can last a relatively long time from two to four hours before fading.

With that said, due to its creaminess, it has the tendency to bleed and smudge. Not as bad as other lipsticks I've tried though. A lipliner is not required, but rather recommended.

At BND$4.90, these lipsticks are a steal! With a wide range of colours suitable for any skin tone, these are definitely lipsticks for those on a budget. I'll be picking up a few more soon just because I love the collection too much. 

So have you used Catrice lipsticks before?  What do you think?