Two OOTDs in a week? Man, I am on a roll.

Let me just applaud anyone who can wear heels for more than three hours. Yes, they make your walk look amazing and your legs fantastic but is it really worth it when you have to sit every ten minutes? My calves are still sore.

Shawl : (similar) | Sunglasses : H&M | Denim Shirt : H&M | 
Skirt : JOB | Leggings : Logg | Shoes : Summit | Bracelets : (Thrifted)

A small anecdote.

Amidst conversation of the futility of love and the objectification of women, my study group were discussing about fashion. My best friend turned me, and says that I have no style. It was casual, mediocre and not that stylish.

I gaped shocked. Not by how blunt she was, but by how much truth she stated. It's abundantly clear that I choose comfort over style. Jeans, a graphic tee, and a beanie if I'm feeling frisky. Why? Because I can't be bothered getting dolled up.

But I am an overbearing and competitive overachiever who hates being wrong. I accepted the challenge even though there was none to begin with. I could dress up if I wanted to. I could look stylish if I wanted to. I could look good if I wanted to.

So here we are.

What do you think?