Did you know I have cats? Jon Snow and Ygritte. Yes, they're named after Game of Thrones characters because I got to name them. And they reminded me of the bold Jon Snow and fiery Ygritte from the North. 

Just two days ago, Ygritte surprised us by giving birth. You should have seen us freak out and run around the house. What are we suppose to do? We've never had a cat before, much less one that gave birth. Luckily, Ygritte did it herself and three beautiful kittens popped out. They are so tiny, and so fragile. We're calling them George, Fitz and Spaz. 

Anyway, my As Levels are just around the corner, beginning on 5th May and ending on 8th June. While I'm feeling only moderately anxious, stress levels and hair fall is increasing at a rapid rate. In all, I'm nervous, restless and a little scared. I know I shouldn't be, but still. Exam Month brings wild emotions that you can't quite shake off.

So during this month of May, I decided to limit my posts to twice a week. Every Tuesday and Friday. I've experimented with this last April to mild success. I don't enjoy forcing myself to limitations but I must for the sake of my results. I've prepared a few posts ahead, and a few guest bloggers will be posting here while I'm busy crying over papers. I'm excited for you to read them!

Hopefully, I'll still be able to check out and comment on all your wonderful blogs, but I might be slower and a little late to the party. For that, I'm so sorry. I love reading and commenting but I fear it would take too much of precious study time. Like this post. 

So this is me, saying I hope you're having a wonderful day, and good luck for anything that comes your way!