I got 100 followers on bloglovin'! I'm screaming right now, that's incredible! For some people, it's nothing but it means the world to me. It makes me happy to know people actually like my blog and read it. I used to picture myself talking to a brick wall during the early months. 

So to celebrate, I'm going to tell you ten things about me. Some weird, some surprising but all unnecessary. 

Anyway, here are some facts about me!

Bash Harry : Not Real Name | Scandalous. It is my name but shortened and twisted to make it the way it is now. Bash is my shortened name and Harry is my dad's nickname, hence Bash Harry.

Potterhead, Whovian, Nerd | No one knows to what extent how nerdy I am. They don't know I have a Ravenclaw tie. Three sonic screwdrivers. A poster of Scott Pilgram and the Joker on my wall. A surprising amount of knowledge of Japanese fiction and comic book lore. They know nothing.

Has Never Seen Star Wars | Or any of the Star Trek franchise (except the last two), or Forrest Gump, or Fight Club or Titanic. How disappointing of me. It's on my bucket list though!

Like a Salad Bowl | Mixed with weird ingredients, but mainly salad. I'm considered a Bruneian Malay. But from my mom's side, I'm part Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian. And a whole lot more that I can't count.

Also A Petite Pear | I'm considered pear-shaped, small waist with child-bearing hips. This would be fine if I had a butt. Wide hips, no butt isn't a flattering body shape. Adding that I'm barely reaching 5'2, it is why I don't have a lot of outfit posts.

Tomboy at Heart | Despite all the makeup I do, I'm a tomboy. It surprises people to find out how gross and unlady-like I am. Burping sentences, crude jokes and intimidating boys are my forte.

Adequate Actress but Terrible Dancer | I think I'm considered an actor, even though there isn't an entertainment industry over here. While I'm just fine at acting, my dancing is horrible. I can't even do the Chicken Dance right.

Manic Stage Person | A lot of people have stage fright but I don't. I'm more adept at public speaking than actual conversation. It all began with my need to speak and for people to listen at age two and half minutes...

A Brace-Faced Gummy Bear | I have braces! They're the main reason why I don't smile with my teeth in official shots. That, and because my gums are more prominent than my teeth. It makes me look childish and feel insecure. 

Always Optimistic, Always Okay | I'm an optimist, even though I shouldn't be. I think people are good, even if they aren't. It makes me naive, gullible, and a little more than stupid. Everyone tells me I shouldn't have so much faith but I do. It backfires and I break. But I know I'll pick myself up again and be okay.


I told you they were unnecessary. But they are fun little tidbits that keeps conversation going, and makes me seem more interesting than I actually am. Thank you to everyone who has read this tiny blog of mine, it brings me such joy to read all your lovely comments. Everyone in the blogging community is so sweet, and so supportive. You are amazing. 

So I'd like to know something about you! Tell me something about you in the comments! I'd love to know!