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I've been reading a lot of blog posts in April, and many have caught my fancy. Whether they were sweet or funny, I thought I should link to them and show their great posts with you! 

So anyway, here are some wonderful links from some wonderful people.

Some Lovely Links

My younger sister by 11 months, Shasha from the Violet Effect posted her first blog post, A Little Place on The Internet which you can find here. She's nervous so please comment, and make her feel welcome.

So last week, our English Literature group went to Singapore for a school field trip. We were required to write and talk about our travels and experiences on PTEM Abroad here. You can read my article about the Singapore Art & Science Museum here!

Millie from Milliee Rosee looks incredible in Messy Buns & Flower Crowns. She looks like a gorgeous Greek Goddess in my opinion. 

A good friend of mine, May from The Mayden, raids her good ol' wardrobe in Vintage Vibes to find new old pieces. It's such a great concept, and I'd love to do it but I've given all my old clothes to charity. 

I've been a part of Seeds Brunei, a dramatic society since 2012. It's been so long. We recently our first workshop of the year in March and Zahid summed up how incredible it was in A Journey Worth Making here. 

It's been a long time since a post made me swell up a bit inside. Naomi from Naomi in Wonderland did exactly that when she was Learning How To Say Goodbye. She talks about her father in a way that warms your heart.

On This Blog

I'm not a stylish person but I love my I Have Internet outfit here

Whipping out the glue stick and black lipstick, I made the Flower Child look here.

Here are Five Blogging Tips For Beginners because I wish I knew before starting out.

Yup! So those are some lovely links I loved last month. Did I miss any blog posts out? What posts made your favourites in April? I'd love to know!