I learnt my lesson from my last shopping spree. There is a time to be frugal, and a time to shop. If you may never go to a nice store for another year, then perhaps you should splurge a bit more for those cute shoes and form-fitting jeans.

With that in mind, I'm incredible happy with the pieces I got from Uniqlo and H&M. A month ago, I made a Weekend Wishlist here detailing the many basics I lacked. Focusing on what you need, rather than what you want, is the easiest way to spend your money wisely.

So here are the basic staples I got in Singapore!

Black Tee | Uniqlo | A versatile piece. Made from Uniqlo's new Suprima Cotton, it's so airy and stretchy. It's a comfortable fit and the most basic piece I now own. This piece will start the revolution of blacks and greys in my closet.

Batman vs Catwoman | Uniqlo | Catwoman would win. Hands down. I'm a huge comic book fan, but I don't have a lot of comic memorabilia. This is the only graphic shirt I have right now, but I don't intend it to be the last.

Denim Shirt | H&M | Do you know what's the best part about this shirt? It has clip-on buttons! I didn't realize it until after I bought it, but I didn't mind. It makes it easier to pretend to be Superman. I wore it last week's outfit post on Double Denim here.

Ballet Flats | H&M | I don't have nude shoes, so I picked up these delightful flats for $20. They are simple, and such a great item to have. But I worry that since it's suede, it will be easy to muck up and hard to clean up.

Round Sunglasses | H&M | Self-explanatory. I wanted an easy way to look both fashionable and alien. And round glasses seemed to work for everyone, making you look automatically cool while hiding your sad, dead eyes. 

Biker Jacket | H&M | This was god sent from Fashion Heaven. Light shown down and a choir sang when I found this through seemingly endless piles of floral tees and white hangers. A faux leather jacket was going to cost me but at $80, it was a steal!

In hindsight, It's not a huge haul. This is the first time I've ever spent so much on clothes in one day. I intend to be on a spending ban in the coming months even if I still scroll through online stores and stare into the void. 

So what basic staples do you think you're lacking? These are mine but what are yours? I'd love to know!