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A weekend wishlist!...On a weekday. A Wednesday. Why? Because alliteration, that's why. 

Wishlists aren't for me. I don't need a lot of things to live but my wishes are endless. Clothes, books, makeup. I can't count them all. I wish for many things but only need few. 

That said, I lack many basic staples needed to make my wardrobe versatile. Since I'll be going off to Singapore next week on a school field trip, I decided that this is the best time to. Yes, I'll be visiting museums and going on workshops for most of the trip. But you should never underestimate the power of people like me. We will always find time to shop. 

I do have a budget to keep to though. So to limit overspending, I decided to make a wishlist. Compile what clothes I need, than the clothes I want. That way I would make use of all the items bought than just one or two. 

I doubt I'll go on an epic shopping spree and buy these all in one trip though. The last time I wanted to go on an epic shopping spree, my frugality got the best of me. Instead, I left with just a nice, cozy sweater with 'Pancakes & Milkshakes' written in cursive.

So what do you think is the best basic piece to have in a closet? I think a chambray shirt and a leather jacket, because they are so versatile and effortless. I'd love to know your thoughts!