I need to vent today. Please let me vent.

Instagram is problematic even though it shouldn't be.  I should focus on other problems like what should I study, or what books to read, or what shoes to buy. Compelling difficulties of daily life. But Instagram has been aggravating me for months now and not for the reason that it should.

Instagram profiles. Yes, shoot me in the face for having such a distraught dilemma that I must make a post about it.

I have two Instagram accounts, heybash and bashharry. heybash is my private account I've had since the end of 2012 and bashharry, my public makeup account that I started last year. heybash was where I would post personal pictures of my life. bashharry was suppose to my makeup account where I promote my blog, showed makeup and become a platform.

Though in theory, it could've been helpful to separate work from life. As time progressed, I realized how similar both had become and how tedious it was. I don't post personal photos often. The last photo was of the Flower Child look taken over two weeks ago (using my camera which annihilates the point of a personal photo). Nor do I post makeup looks often. Studies come first and I don't have the capacity to wear makeup every week. So now, I'm left with two accounts, near identical that I have no idea what to do with.

A silly, stupid predicament that I'm stuck in. I don't know if I should just remove my private account, but has  my friends' account. Make it public instead but leave the other one irrelevant. Figure out a compromise else I'll rip out all my hair out.

Or maybe this is just an excuse for my subconscious mind to think of something else other than my upcoming exams.

So do you have any tips? Helpful thoughts on the matter? Or perhaps I'm just thinking too much into it. I tend to do that.