On 10th April 2014, I uploaded my first blog post. An introduction, too long, too boring and too cringe-worthy for me to be proud of. Nevertheless, it remains a starting point of my blogger life. Bash Says Hey is officially one years old. 

The question is, 'What the hell have I been doing?

I don't think I started blogging consistently until this year. It was only earlier this February did I learn the power of communication, good photography and a clean format. While I have yet to be an expert in these areas, it's helped quite a lot to make my blogging experience so much fun. 

It's a celebration though! I read somewhere that most bloggers quit within the first six months. I think I wanted to quit within the first six months but trudged on. I didn't see the point of blogging anymore until much later. But that's another story.

Right now, I want to say thank you to everyone who came across my blog, read it and hopefully enjoyed it. You make blogging worthwhile. Still, they are a few people I'd like to single out because they are extraordinary.

So Thank You...

To Syasya | My photographer/sister/servant. I'm a mediocre photographer with little knowledge on cameras, luckily she isn't. She's taken most of the photos here from my face to products with much complaint. I have her to thank for all the great photos that I could never have done alone. She's in the midst of making a blog! So watch out for that soon. 

To FriendsI have great friends. Amazing friends that have supported me in a lot of things, this blog included. They give me constructive criticism when I need it. A big shout-out to Ziqah especially. She told me my photos were atrocious and proceeded to teach me how to use Photoshop. A perfect example of why you should have art friends.

To Online Friends | There are so many wonderful people whom I never met in real life but wish I do. These are the people who take the time to comment or even follow my blog. I take such joy in waiting for their comments, and I like to think we have built mutual respect as blogging friends. Though, that might just be my optimistic brain over-thinking things. 

To Mom | Who is surprising chill about this whole blog thing. If anything, she's annoyed that I don't have better backgrounds or take more pictures. It's nice to have a mom who understands that blogging is a creative and manageable outlet. To showcase my work, opinions etc. in a healthy environment. (It's also her birthday so Happy 44th 27th Birthday Mom!)

+ ___ + ___ + ___ + ___ +

Clearly, this is not everyone. There are so many bloggers I want to thank, who are absolute delights but I think I'll be saving that for later. There are just too many to count, but you know who you are. 

Is there anyone you'd thank for your time as blogger? Mom, Sister, Friend or Pet Tarantula? I'd love to know!