Oh yay! I've never been nominated for a Blogger Award before! This is amazing, just exhilarating. Thank you, Roxanne from the Awkward Turtle and Shaira from Shaira Manalo for nominating me. It is such an honor.

Here are seven things you may want to know about me but don't necessarily need to:

1. My Mug Collection | A venture of mine is buying adorable mugs for me to sip on idly. A recent addition to my collection is a black and white mug with Coffee written in bold, black letters I bought for just $1.85. 

2. Odd Jobs | I work as a freelance makeup-artist and actor mostly however I have also been a vendor, model and recently, played Elsa for a little girl's birthday party then went to the Mall and an outbreak ensued. Suffice to say, I was a hit. 

3. Bash: ViolinistI played the violin for over 8 years, when I stopped at 11 due to exams. I just never picked it up since. Perhaps I will try playing it again one day.

4. Learning French | My parents put me in French lessons when I was eight. I loved it but then the tuition place moved and I couldn't go anymore. Now, I only remember the basic phrases and the numbers until twelve.

5. Future Law Student | After A Levels, I plan on furthering my studies as a Law student in the UK. I don't want to to jinx it so I'm working hard to make sure that dream succeeds.

6. Young Feminist | I was feminist before I knew what feminism was. I wanted to be seen as a girl but equal to the boys, play with dolls but run and fight during play time. In that sense, I was pretty damn cool.

7. Writer's Block | One day, I want to publish a novel. It's been a goal of mine since I could remember. The problem is I never end any stories, the folder full of unfinished documents is proof.

This was harder than I thought. I intentionally put the trivial facts rather than important ones like height, because trivial facts are so much more interesting. Anyway, I'm nominating a few bloggers whom I think deserve recognition!

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The rules are simple. Thank the award-giver and link back to them to your post, share seven facts about yourself and nominate 15 bloggers (or 10 like me because you can't figure out who else to nominate)

 I genuinely want to learn more about you guys in a seemingly cool and non-stalkerish way. I can't wait to read all your posts!